Judge Rules in Favor of Casino Versus Gamblers…. of Course


by Jeff Davis

Fox News reports: “A New Jersey judge ordered the return of $1.5 million to a casino from gamblers who won at a table game after realizing the cards had not been shuffled.”

“State Superior Court Judge Donna Taylor ruled in favor of the Golden Nugget casino in its dispute with 14 gamblers who say it was not there [sic] fault the cards were not shuffled and should be allowed to keep their winnings.”

As a side note, I find it interesting that reporters and editors at a major news agency like Fox increasingly let mistakes slip into published articles. Apparently they no longer know how to spell or construct a proper sentence in the English language. I suppose we can thank Diversity and government-run schools for this.

The article notes “A mini-baccarat game is where the trouble started in April 2012. The casino was using decks of cards that paid a manufacturer to pre-shuffle, but the deck at hand was not shuffled. Once the gamblers realized the cards were not shuffled, they increased their bets from $10 to $5,000 and proceeded to win 41 straight hands.”

I suppose you could say this is both good and bad. It’s bad that so many people get hooked on gambling in this country, but it’s good that they have the brains to spot and exploit a casino mistake so quickly.

The article continues “Judge Taylor said the games were illegal under state law because they did not conform to the state’s gambling regulations. ‘The dealer did not pre-shuffle the cards immediately prior to the commencement of play, and the cards were not pre-shuffled in accordance with any regulation,’ the judge wrote. ‘Thus, a literal reading of the regulations … entails that the game violated the (Casino Control) Act, and consequently was not authorized.’ ”

“The Golden Nugget casino bought what were supposed to be pre-shuffled cards from a Kansas City Manufacturer. The manufacturer did acknowledge it failed to shuffle the cards. The litigation between the manufacturer and the casino was resolved, but a confidentiality agreement prevents details from being revealed.”

If a card manufacturer stacked its deck so that the casino was much more likely to win, do you think that gamblers would file a lawsuit? Even if they did, the judge would likely throw out the case as “frivolous” unless the gamblers could find a whistle-blower who worked at the card company.

One of the few remaining growth industries in Obama’s America is casino gambling, a multi-billion dollar per year enterprise that finances organized crime and completely parasitic multi-national corporations. Gambling used to be outlawed in most states because politicians used to protect the interests of working class families and they knew how destructive a gambling addiction could be. Today, politicians are bought off by big corporations, and the best interests of middle class White families don’t count for anything.


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