Black 12 Year Old Stabs to Death White Nine Year Old Child

Baby Rufus

by Jeff Davis

The liberal media has told us all our lives that we must accept Diversity and that it makes us stronger. Well how do you explain what a twelve year old Black boy did to a nine year old White boy in the article below?

A recent news article reports: “A neighbor in a Michigan mobile home park says she thought a group of children were just playing before she heard the screams of a 9-year-old after he was repeatedly stabbed in the back. A 12-year-old [black] boy is now facing a murder charge.”

“Barb Poelman says she usually hears laughter from the playground at Pinebrook Village in Kentwood, near Grand Rapids. Witnesses and authorities say Michael Conner Verkerke ran screaming to his home and collapsed bleeding on his porch before dying at a hospital.”

“Another neighbor says the 12-year-old boy used his phone to calmly call 911 and turn himself in.”

“A not guilty plea was entered Tuesday at the boy’s arraignment in juvenile court.”

So they’re not trying him as an adult, and he will be back out on the street in about nine years, the same amount of time his victim was alive on this world.

The article continues “Residents and strangers gathered near the playground Tuesday night to hold a vigil and pray.”

An article on the Huffington Post notes “There is one number that is always mentioned in the discussion of black children born out of wedlock: 72 percent. Estimations place the growing number of children born to unwed mothers in the 70th percentile of the black population in America. The documentary ‘72 Percent,’ ‘takes a hard look at the single mother phenomena in the African American community.’ The documentary aims to analyze ‘beyond catastrophic’ statistics through a discussion of the effect of welfare policies, social norms and celebrity examples on this ‘disturbing epidemic.’”

If his family is typical, the twelve year old Black likely has a welfare mother, who took who knows how many drugs when she was pregnant. Add to that a father, who was possibly a gang-banger, maybe a psychotically violent one who could be in prison today. Combine bad genes from both parents, being raised by a single mom and a low IQ, and in this case it produced a psycho Black thug at age 12, who kills a White boy just for fun.

The mainstream media teaches Blacks to hate White people and to blame us for all their problems. It’s no accident that this Black boy singled out a White boy for his murderous attack.

Don’t hold your breath for the media to focus any significant attention on this story. I’m surprised it got a mention on AOL news, but it will be forgotten by the media by next week since it was “only a White child” that was killed.

If this had been a White-on-Black murder, I don’t have to tell you there would be 24/7 cable news coverage for months. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton would be hopping on jets and jumping in front of the news cameras.

A nine year old White boy apparently doesn’t merit any serious coverage in the mainstream media. Only a few websites that care about the White race are focusing on this and asking the question: How many more White people have to die at the hands of Blacks before society admits that there IS something wrong with Blacks and that Whites are better off being segregated away from them?


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