Democrat Primary: Hildebeest Versus Pocahontas

Hildebeeest vs Pocahontas

by Jeff Davis

Despite her coy denials, it looks like Red Diaper Baby, Senator Elizabeth Warren may be getting ready to jump into the ring with the Hildebeest during the Democrat primary.

The New York Times reports: “Lingering tensions between Hillary Rodham Clinton’s loyalists and the strategists who helped President Obama defeat her in 2008 have erupted into an intense public struggle over who will wield money and clout in her emerging 2016 presidential campaign.”

“At issue is controlling access to the deep-pocketed donors whose support is critical to sustain the outside organizations that are paving the way for Mrs. Clinton’s campaign. It is a competition that has been exacerbated, many Clinton supporters said, by Mrs. Clinton’s reluctance to formally enter the race and establish a campaign organization with clear lines of authority.”

Perhaps Hillary realizes that this time the knives may be out for her. A lot of Democrats DON’T want her as their candidate and the last minute emergence of the Magic Negro (Barack Obama) in 2008 allowed many of them to dump Hillary while still being politically correct. Perhaps, the fake Injun, Elizabeth Warren will be the anti-Hillary rallying point as the election draws near.

The article goes on “The dispute broke into the open on Monday after David Brock, a Clinton ally, accused Priorities USA Action — a pro-Clinton super PAC whose co-chairman is Jim Messina, Mr. Obama’s 2012 campaign manager — of planting negative stories about the fund-raising practices of Mr. Brock’s organizations. Mr. Brock resigned from the super PAC’s board in protest.”

Hillary lacks the “like-ability” of either Slick Willie or Obama. Their only alternative at the moment is Elizabeth Warren, but she have heap big credibility issue, being spoiled Pale Face, who speak with forked tongue.

The Republicans have a great chance to win if they can only avoid running another member of the Bush family or a similar sell-out RINO like Romney or McCain. You’d think the Republicans couldn’t possibly blow it again, but they’ve gotten very skillful at snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.


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