Black Football Players Suck -As Seen in Latest Super Bowl

Brady Vs Wilson

Editor’s Note: The 2015 Super Bowl just saw the much Whiter New England Patriots defeat the heavily Black Seattle Seahawks. It’s been said that Blacks lack the intelligence to be good quarterbacks, and Seattle’s mulatto quarterback proved that by throwing an interception on a second down that was just two yards from the goal line. A sane team would have tried running the ball in on second and third downs, and maybe even fourth down. Some of the Seahawks’ Black players attacked some White players on the Patriots’ team after losing the game. Don’t hold your breath for the NFL to throw them out of the league (which is what would happen if the races were reversed). Perhaps this is a good time to post an anonymous article from 2012 originally posted by “Angry White Fan.”

by Angry White Fan.

Angry White Fan here, and what am I angry about today? How about the poor level of play in the NFL. After watching a few games I can honestly say black football players suck. Not just one or two, not a few, but a lot. They are horrible. Maybe if White players were 80% of the league they would suck too, but they’re not. In fact almost ALL White players in the NFL are tremendous. But that’s what happens when you racially discriminate against one race in a sport.

It’s like baseball in the 1950s. The only blacks they let in were guys like Willie Mays and Hank Aaron and Frank Robinson. So you end up with guys from one group that are all good because it was so hard for others to make the cut. There weren’t hardly any marginal black players because they filled those spots with marginal White guys. That’s the NFL of today. Too many marginal black players because their competition, the good White players, are either ignored or purged.

So the White guys you end up with are guys like Jordy Nelson and Wes Welker. Just absolutely phenomenal athletic talents. Or guys like J.J. Watts and Clay Matthews. Completely dominating athletes. Are these guys flukes? Was Willie Mays a fluke? Heck no, and MLB got much blacker after him because the teams started looking for more talents like Willie Mays.

Are NFL teams looking for more Welkers or Nelsons? No. Why not? Because the whole football complex from pee-wee to the Pros has been set up as a make-work program for blacks. In high school the teachers are looking for anything that that they can find to extort black boys to: 1) come to school; 2) not be completely disruptive thugs; and 3) give them a way to graduate by setting up special programs to fake enough grades to get them through school.

Colleges want blacks to help with their cherished goal of diversity and the only way they can get black males to attend is by offering athletic scholarships. And the only way most black males COULD attend is on athletic scholarships because they change the rules for “athletes” by lowering the grade requirements.

The NFL is the next step on the rung of affirmative action hiring for black males. The league, in concert with the liberal media, creates the idea that blacks, and only blacks, can play certain positions. How do they get away with it? Well for a while they had a monopoly on certain information so they were able to lie and say that blacks dominate in pre-Draft workouts. Now that every bit of information about those workouts is widely known, it’s clear that White players perform as well and often better on all of those tests they designed to supposedly prove black athletic superiority.

They have been able to maintain the lie because the White fan base is made up of the same type of people that elect men like Obama to office. Fully brainwashed in the ways of white guilt and black victimhood, they never question why the faster White guy is cut when the coach says all he wants is “speed.” To help further the lie they come up with untestable qualities like hip wiggle. You would think that cone drills or shuttles would measure this, but that can’t be because White guys kick ass at those drills.

And they agitate, constantly agitate for more blacks at everything. Over and over in an endless series of whining and complaining that there’s not enough blacks at this or that. So the NFL is focused on getting more black QBs or more black centers. It’s like the rest of the crap that goes on in society. Black special interest groups and their white whore enablers keep pushing for more black this and more black that, but nobody — not a single dang person in a country of 330 million people — ever takes a public stand and says “what about more White men at running back or at cornerback?” No that can’t be done or you get ex-communicated. How long before you could go to jail for speaking that kind of truth to power?

So how many more dropped passes that hit a guy in the hands, how many more clumsy ass ball carriers tripping over the 30 yard line, how many dropped interceptions, how much more going out of bounds 1 yard shy of the first down, how many more badly timed personal foul penalties, will an Angry White Fan have to endure before the idiots at NFL Central realize their product is going to hell just so Mr. Richy Rich team owner can brag to his buddies at the country club that he’s in with da bruthas and not a “racist”?


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