Colonel Punished For “Homophobia”

Gay Obama

by Jeff Davis

It is by now pretty much common knowledge that Barack Hussein Obama has been purging potentially “disloyal” army officers for several years now, in the best tradition of Third World tyrants everywhere. Some he transfers to Alaska until they retire at the earliest opportunity. Others get booted out of the service directly

The Washington Times reports: “The Army is moving to discharge a decorated combat pilot who intervened to stop two lesbian officers from showing excessive affection on the dance floor at an official ball at Fort Drum, N.Y. Lt. Col. Christopher Downey ended up being convicted administratively of assaulting a soldier trying to film the kissing and grabbing. Col. Downey’s lawyer, Richard Thompson, says his client merely pushed down the camera to prevent photos that could end up on social media.”

Which I suspect was the intention of these two dykes from the beginning. A large percentage of homosexuals are exhibitionists, and allowing them into the military is going to result in an endless string of embarrassing incidents.

The article continues “Mr. Thompson said Col. Downey’s commanding officer also convicted him of violating the regulation that ended the ban on gays openly serving in the military.”

“That April 14, 2012, night, Col. Downey moved to caution the two lesbian officers, a second lieutenant and a captain, after a warrant officer complained that their prolonged French kissing, grabbing buttocks and disrobing Army jackets violated Army rules against excessive public affection, his lawyer said.”

“He said the captain, who since has left the Army, complained she and her girlfriend, whom she later married and then divorced, ‘were discriminated against by Col. Downey.'”

Well, that relationship didn’t last long, did it? Looks like the “U-haul lesbian” stereotype is alive and well.

“Mr. Thompson, who heads the Thomas More Law Center in Ann Arbor Michigan, is set to announce Thursday he has filed a lawsuit against the Army in U.S. District Court. The lawsuit asks a federal judge to overturn the convictions. It also wants Col. Downey reinstated to the promotion list and to the roster for attending the Army War College.”

“As it stands today, Col. Downey is sure to be discharged by an Army forced retirement board that began meeting this week. ‘We want to make him whole again,’ Mr. Thompson said.”

Army personnel are expected to show physical courage on the battlefield. For that, they are decorated. When they show moral courage on the dance floor, they are drummed out of the military.

Back in World War Two, FDR kept the US military segregated because we had to fight a conventional war against Germans and Japanese. Today liberal politicians are using the military for social experimenting, expanding the Gay agenda and even promoting satanism as a legitimate “religion.”

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