Third World New York, Goat Heads and All


by Jeff Davis

More proof, if any were needed, that we are living in a Third World country.

An article from reports: “A pair of what appeared to be skinned goat heads were found dangling from a street light at a busy Park Slope [New York] intersection Tuesday morning, police said. At least one witness called 911 after spotting the bloody animal heads attached to a piece of twine hanging above Ninth Street and Fifth Avenue — sparking a police investigation, officials said.”

“Uniformed officers showed up at the scene shortly before 11:30 a.m., as passersby walked by apparently unaware of the gruesome sight just feet above their heads. The skulls dangled in the wind until shortly before noon, when a staffer from a nearby car service company, Continental Car Service, carried a ladder to the pole and knocked them down with a stick.”

Kids and sometimes gangbangers will tie two tennis shoes together and throw them up on a telephone line. Apparently some African arrivals from Kenya must have updated the ritual with goat heads.

The article notes “The man, who declined to give his name, then threw the heads in the garbage. A Twitter post with a photo of the grisly sight quickly generated questions and speculation. Some wondered whether it was Santeria, a Halloween prank or voodoo. ‘Maybe it’s some of those wackos who go for Santeria or voodoo,’ said local resident Louis Katenzakes. ‘It’s the occult. They do rituals. They kill animals.’”

Better be careful there, Lou. That sounds suspiciously like hate speech to me. I’m sure it won’t be long before voodoo priests are sacrificing goats in military chapels as Barack Obama tries to make the Army ever more Diverse.

Why is there voodoo in this country? Why are there sick individuals running loose who put dead animal heads on display in public? Who are these people, and who let them in?

How much worse do things have to get before White people wake up and demand that all the foreigners, including Barack Hussein Obama himself be thrown back to the Third World?

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