ObamaCare’s Death Panels Are Back

Death Panels

by Jeff Davis

Remember those death panels that the Democrats keep screaming don’t exist? They’re being snuck in through the back door.

The [British] Observer reports: “After a terminally ill woman made headlines when she moved to Oregon so she could end her life under a doctor’s care, two State Senators are hoping to bring a similar law to New York . ‘There are only five states in the country that allow for people to make end of life decisions similar to what Oregon does, and New York is not one of them,’ State Senator Diane Savino told the Observer.”

“Brittany Maynard, 29, was suffering from brain cancer when she ended her life November 1 with a lethal dose of secobarbital prescribed by her physician.”

Many Americans are upset when doctors are dragged in to perform “assisted suicides.” If someone wants to kill themselves, there are over the counter drugs that will do the jobs if taken in a big enough overdose.

What many of these people are really seeking is an official endorsement that their decision to commit suicide is “OK.” Medical doctors however are sworn to “do no harm” and it’s not their job to soothe the conscience of someone who decides to take that route. The situation takes an ominous turn when you throw in a government-mandated health care system in which liberal atheists are more than eager to encourage elderly patients to commit suicide whenever possible.

The article continues “In New York , doing so would have put her doctor at risk of manslaughter charges, Ms. Savino said. She and State Senator Brad Hoylman want to change that with legislation Ms. Savino said they’d look to introduce by the end of the month.”

First of all, killing the sick and elderly because they’re sick and elderly or temporarily depressed is immoral, although I know in Obama’s America that doesn’t matter too much.

Secondly, liberals want us to go down the slippery slope of assisted suicide to government-mandated euthanasia. They want to gradually start whittling away at the “voluntary” part of assisted suicide until ObamaCare is finally, fully implemented and a death panel of Democratic flacks can decide to withhold life-giving medicine or treatment on grounds of expense —and eventually secretly make decisions based on grounds of race, creed, and political affiliation.

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