Obama Vs. the Internet


by Jeff Davis

­­­‪­‪­­­­‪­­­­‪­­‪‪­‪‪‪­­­‪‪­­­­­­­‪­­­‪­­­­­­­­‪‪­The Obama regime is now grabbing for the Internet. Since the dictator was allowed to get away with Amnesty by decree thanks to the gutlessness and/or complicity of Speaker of the House, John Boehner, Obama has stated that he is “going on the offensive.”

A Reuters article reports: “The White House on Thursday said legislation was not necessary to settle so-called net neutrality rules because the Federal Communications Commission had the authority to write them. Republicans in Congress are trying to drum up support for a bill that would counter the FCC’s upcoming new rules. The Obama administration’s comments, while not entirely rebuffing the legislative effort, could make some Democrats wary of joining it.”

“At stake is what rules should govern how internet service providers (ISPs) manage web traffic on their networks to ensure they treat all internet content fairly. At the heart of the latest phase in the debate over the rules is what legal authority should guide regulations.”

Whenever liberals (or closet Communists) talk about “fairness” on the Internet or on the radio, it means that they’re upset that the right-wing is so much more popular and more influential than they are. Their solution to this alleged unfairness is somehow to force people to hear liberal opinions on the radio and Internet as often as they hear right-wing opinions. (Of course the liberals don’t consider it “unfair” that MSNBC, CNN, ABC and CBS all saturate the TV airwaves with completely biased liberal opinion (and Fox news only does a very limited, weak opposition –if you can even call it that.)

Most Americans of course would like to choose what websites they visit and what they care to read on the Internet. Do the liberals want to force us to listen to a liberal commercial every time we try to visit the Drudge Report?

We’ve been fortunate to have the Internet for two decades now. What we need to do is organize White people to replace the two-party system before the Jews or their leftist puppets like Obama take it away from us.


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