Public Schools in Chicago Reject Michelle’s Lunch Time Interference

Michelle Obama lunch

by Jeff Davis

Looks like Michelle Obama’s starvation diet for America ’s kids has suffered yet another defeat.

An article from reports: “Another Chicagoland school district is throwing its students a bone – or at least larger lunch portions. Mundelein High School District 120 is officially dropping out of the National School Lunch Program, making it at least the second one in the Chicago area to do so this school year.”

“Leaving the federal program allows the school ‘total flexibility to design the food service to our students’ needs,’ Superintendent Kevin Myers tells the Daily Herald.”

In other words, they figured out that it is cheaper to give kids something they will actually eat, rather than take the federal money and end up with the children throwing their meals in the dumpster.

“According to district leaders, lunch sales have fallen about 6 percent since last school year. The school has about 2,000 students enrolled. Despite giving up the tighter ‘healthy’ restrictions championed by First Lady Michelle Obama, the school will not be giving up on quality or the healthiness of lunches. ‘Nutrition and good choices would also be a significant component of the wellness committee’s work,’ business manager Andy Searle says. The committee with be tasked with creating new rules.”

“A major complaint was that portion sizes were too small, especially for high schoolers. Searle hopes the increase in sales – and a slight increase in price – will offset the loss of federal subsidies, which is pegged at about $325,000, according to the paper. Mundelein isn’t alone in ditching the program. Other Chicago-area districts include Stevenson District 125, Maine District 207 and Glenbrook District 225.”

This revolt against Michelle’s interference in our lives is one of the more promising signs that Americans may be waking up and won’t just sit there and let the Feds control their lives to the smallest detail. The mainstream media won’t talk about the food rebellion because they can’t bring themselves to admit that anything the Obama do might be unpopular (cough, ObamaCare, cough, cough). Except for this one website at, nobody seems much interested, but here at long last is a widespread and grass-roots revolt against Washington D.C. where federal dollars are being rejected so people can have more personal freedom. Let’s hope this trend continues.


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