Video Games for Embarrassing World Leaders?

Obama Lootie

by Jeff Davis

An article from FailedMessiah reports: “Benjamin Netanyahu is nothing if he’s not boorish and dishonest. Israel’s prime minister, long known in Israel and abroad for his dishonesty and demagoguery, attended the massive Paris unity march Sunday even though France’s president asked him not to come because France did not want to link the terror attacks and France’s response to them to the Israel-Palestinian impasse.”

Or maybe the French leader didn’t want to add fuel to the fire by seeming to give official recognition to a Jewish mass murderer not to mention endorsing the continued abusive Israeli policies toward the Palestinians.

The article notes “But when Netanyahu realized his rivals Avigdor Lieberman and Naftali Bennett, Israel ’s Foreign Minister and its Diaspora, Religious Affairs and Economy Minister respectively, were going anyway, Netanyahu told the French president he would not stay away. That prompted France to invite Palestinian Authority President Mahmood Abbas, who Netanyahu later cropped out of his officially tweeted photo of the march.”

See, it isn’t just teenaged girls who get snooty over their Twitter and Facebook pages.

“Netanyahu treated the march like his own personal campaign rally, waving at supporters and basking in the glow of the international spotlight.” (Hey, what’s a funeral for?) “And Israeli media is reporting that Netanyahu actually elbowed, shoved and pushed his way past invited world leaders – some of whom are women – so he could get to the front of the march where the news cameras were.”

Yup. Sounds like a Jew to me.

“This boorish, selfish behavior likely won’t hurt Netanyahu at the polls. His… supporters care little about world opinion and even less about the dignity of western leaders. But the youth division of the Labor Party, which headed the opposition until the snap elections were called late last month, has used Netanyahu’s behavior in a novel way. It reportedly created an old-style 8-bit video game called Push Bibi, in which players have 30 seconds to guide Netanyahu past other heads of state to the front of the unity march he wasn’t invited to attend.”

Perhaps this can be the first in a series of political games: We could have a game featuring Michelle Obama called “Who’s the first in line for lobster?” Michelle could push, bludgeon and body slam anyone who tries to get in front of her at the White House lobster line.

Another favorite game could be “Who’s the first to kiss Israeli @ss?” In this game, Democrat and Republican presidential contestants could push ahead of each other to be the first to kiss the Israeli prime minister’s derriere for the 2016 election.

And finally, there could be a game called “How much can Obama steal?” This game would focus on Obama’s last week in office and give him a limited amount of time to steal everything from gold bars to White House relics as Obama tries to feather his nest now that his presidential stay is over.


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