Jews, Pedophilia and Corruption in Brooklyn

Creepy Jew and children

by Jeff Davis

People don’t realize that a large part of the problem this society has with law enforcement isn’t with police, it is with the corrupt and vicious lawyers in assorted District Attorney offices. Cops aren’t the problem anywhere near as much as lawyers are. The following is a story of corruption, pedophiles and Jews in Brooklyn.

An article on reports: “Moshe ‘Gabbai’ Friedman, the top aide to Williamsburg Satmar Rebbe Zalman Teitelbaum and the editor of the Satmar newspaper Der Yid, is the most important powerbroker in the hasidic community. Friedman helped get anti-child-sex-abuse activist Sam Kellner prosecuted on trumped up charges filed by the previous Brooklyn DA Charles J. Hynes.”

Until I saw the word “Brooklyn,” I thought I was reading a story about Israel. Not only is child sex abuse rampant in the Jewish Orthodox community there, these ultra-kosher Jews apparently framed up a D.A., who wanted to put away some of the kosher pedophiles!

The article continues “The new [Black] Brooklyn DA Ken Thompson dropped those charges because of apparently perjured and fabricated evidence and the complete unreliability of the key witness against Kellner. But Thompson dropped those charges only after Hella Winston in the Jewish Week and Michael Powell in the New York Times exposed the bad evidence and the twisted prosecution. Thompson never charged the men who lied or gave false evidence against Kellner despite seeming to indicate that he would.”

“And now Winston reports in the Jewish Week what many of us who cover Thompson have long suspected and have rumors about – Ken Thompson took large campaign contributions from the son of one of those false witnesses, Moshe ‘Gabbai’ Friedman’s son Leo:”

“According to campaign finance records, Thompson received over $30,000 in campaign donations from companies connected to Leo Friedman last year. Campaign financial disclosures show that in August of 2013, several weeks before the hotly contested Democratic primary, which pitted Thompson against longtime incumbent Hynes, Thompson received $5,000 from Advanced Care Staffing LCC, a nursing care company run by Leo Friedman. (Both Satmar factions endorsed Hynes in the primary, but the Zalis, as members of the Zalman faction are known, did so only the day before the election. In Williamsburg districts with a significant percent of chasidic voters, Hynes received 62 percent of the primary vote while Thompson garnered 13 percent.)”

“In October of 2013, after Thompson had clinched the Democratic nomination — which, in Brooklyn , all but guaranteed an electoral victory — he received two additional contributions from Advanced Care, for $5,000 and $16,750 respectively. In that same month, he also received $5,000 from Red Star Care LLC, whose president as of 2010 is listed as Leo Friedman. (Before the general elections, in which Hynes unexpectedly decided to run, community endorsements switched to Thompson, who ended up winning 74 percent of the vote in the Orthodox districts of Williamsburg versus Hynes’ 26 percent.)”

“A few weeks ago, photos of Thompson paying a shiva call to Moses Friedman (his father had died) began circulating throughout the Satmar community and beyond. While politicians often pay their respects to chasidic leaders, these photographs, combined with the campaign contributions, have set off alarm bells among anti-sex abuse advocates both inside and outside the chasidic world. To them, the photos are not merely a record of shared mourning but an unsettling bit of data about the Satmar leadership’s continued power and political influence.”

“‘Thompson cannot claim that he is not aware of Friedman’s pivotal role acting as a main witness against Sam Kellner in order to free the serial rapist Baruch Lebovits from prison,’ sex abuse survivor and victims’ advocate Joel Engelman told the Jewish Week.”

Among the things to learn from this story are: (1). Jews overwhelming vote Democrat. (2). Pedophiles in the Hasidic community often get away with their perversion (although most of the time it’s a failure of the victims to cooperate with authorities, not the high-handed antics in this story). (3). Jews seem to prefer working with corrupt Negroes whenever possible and will happily replace a White with a Negro whenever possible and (4). Hasidic Jews and Jews in general are NOT like us. They live in a bizarre world and there appears to be a lot more perversion and pedophilia among Jews. White parents would be well-advised to keep their children away from grown Jewish men at all times.


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