Illegal Alien Workers No Longer Prosecuted

Illegal Immigration

by Jeff Davis

We are living in strange times. Our immigration law should cause the mass deportation of anywhere from 20 million to 34 million illegal aliens in the US today. Of course, “our” politicians frequently lie to us claiming the number of illegal aliens is only 11.5 million, hoping this lie will cause more people to support an Amnesty.

The 2014 elections just revealed how strongly the American public is opposed to an Amnesty. Our politicians however are still refusing to deport the illegals, and the will of the legal American citizens continues to be ignored.

In fact, the federal government is actively trying to undermine the few sheriffs in the US who go after illegal aliens.

The Los Angeles Times reports: “Bit by bit, the federal judiciary is tearing out the legal ground from under ‘America ’s toughest sheriff.’ First, a federal appeals court said it was illegal to deny bail to immigrants in the country illegally. Then, on Monday, an Arizona federal judge blasted a state law that stretched the crime of identity theft to include everyone from forgers to people simply seeking employment without valid documentation. Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio was using that law to justify workplace raids, more than 80 since the Arizona Legislature passed the law in 2008. Those raids rolled up nearly 800 men and women, charged with felonies for seeking employment while they were in the country illegally. It was unclear how many of them were convicted or deported.”

“But federal law explicitly says seeking employment is not a crime, no matter a person’s immigration status. A group of immigration rights organizations sued Arizona, the county and Arpaio. On Monday, the plaintiffs prevailed, at least for now.”

“U.S. District Judge David G. Campbell in Phoenix ordered an immediate halt to the state’s enforcement of identity theft laws that penalize immigrants in the country illegally for seeking employment. Campbell said the Arizona law is at odds with corresponding federal statutes. ‘These laws were one piece of a tool kit that Sheriff Arpaio used to terrorize immigrant communities,’ said plaintiff’s attorney Jessica Karp, ‘and that tool kit is being taken apart.’”

Whatever happened to protecting American jobs? Clearly the Obama regime has sided with the illegal aliens and Americans be damned. I guarantee that public opinion favors saving American jobs for legal citizens, but the Obama regime only cares about the long-term goals of the Democrat Party, which includes replacing White people with non-White people. The Democrats must regard the few remaining Whites, who still vote for them as “village idiots” especially considering that Democrat policies will put future generations of Whites last in line for jobs, and with illegal immigration, the pay for many jobs will be driven down so low that no one will want those jobs except illegal aliens.

The Tea Party and a very few conservative Republicans appear to be our only friends in this battle. We need to insist that real efforts be made, including the mass deportation of illegal aliens, no matter how many there are.

We need to be strongly involved in the 2016 primaries to make sure that we get rid of phony Republicans like John Boehner and that the Republican party gets a real patriot for a presidential candidate who will enforce immigration law again.


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