Black Students Consider Learning Proper English “Racist”


by Ian Mosley

An article from reports: “A UCLA professor was called racist, and guilty of a ‘micro-aggression’ against black students for correcting grammar and spelling issues on their papers. A protest was organized and students claim the professor has created a hostile climate on campus for his actions.”

“…25 University of California (at) Los Angeles students participated in a sit-in protest because, get this, one of their professors had the gall to correct grammar and spelling issues on some black students’ papers. Val Rust, a professor of education and information, was the target of the protestors for what they feel was racial insensitivity. Describing themselves as ‘aggrieved minority students,’ they claim that the professor was wrong to correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar in the papers of black students.”

Should he just let them continue to write illiterate and incomprehensible gibberish? How low has the Affirmative Action bar for Blacks in college been set? The people of California voted to end race-based quotas, but we all know that leftists will ignore this ban since Diversity is so important to them. The fact that Blacks, who can’t write literate papers, are in college now is proof that UCLA is still admitting Blacks, who don’t deserve to be there.

The article continues “Call 2 Action: Graduate Students of Color, the group which launched the sit-in, said the act of correcting a black student was ‘micro-aggression.’ But it’s much worse than you think: ‘A hostile campus climate has been the norm for Students of Color in this class throughout the quarter… The barrage of questions by White colleagues and the grammar lessons by the professor have contributed to a hostile class climate.”

How irritated would you be if you were a professor, who had to waste his time teaching a pack of quota-students basic English grammar and the students rebelled against you?

We went through all this nonsense before with “ebonics,” the Black version of English. It all amounts to Black laziness, speaking what is really “Pidgin English” –a simplified language that’s better suited to Third World people, who can’t speak proper English. Needless to say, someone, who can’t master basic English, (a task most White children accomplish by grade six) shouldn’t be admitted to a university.

The article notes “My question is how will these people function in the real world? Maybe these students would be better off if they immediately quit school to seek the psychological help they so desperately need, then come back and complete their education once they’re healed.”

No, no no. Turn them loose just like they are and let the world see what their “degrees” are really worth. In fact Black diplomas should say something like “De UC Brotha-hood be givin’ Leticia Brown one o’ dem Batch-lurr o’ Arz Deegrees.” At least then, employers will be getting a fair warning what sort of “university graduate” they’re considering for a job.

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