Public Schools Manage to Get Even Worse

Central American Invaders

by Jeff Davis

You probably would have to find someone over age 50, who was still able to get a decent education in his local public schools in a big city. Some suburban and rural public schools may still be functional, but the overall reputation of the public school system is a dangerous, chaotic mess. Putting White children into a big city public school almost ensures that they will be stabbed and/or sexually assaulted by the primitive Third World children in those schools.

The latest erosion of the public school system comes from the massive infusion of low IQ Central American children, who almost invariably speak only Spanish or some primitive tribal dialect, few people ever heard of before.

An article on reports: “The placement of illegal immigrant students has wreaked havoc on schools across the country. Many schools that have never had to deal with challenging situations related to immigrant students are now forced to do just that because of the federal government’s actions.”

“Fifty-four Central American refugee students, some of whom cannot read or write, have been moved from their schools into a separate program at a Hall County [Georgia] public school, Lanier Charter Career Academy.The students, who crossed the border in precarious conditions to escape violence in their home countries do not speak English. Their Spanish dialects are unfamiliar to the district’s Spanish teachers…”

No they were NOT escaping violence, except maybe from their drunken abusive fathers. They are in fact anchor babies and future Democrat voters.

The article continues “One student, a 14-year-old, has never been to school. Some others are able to read and write in their native language, but the dialect barrier has made it difficult to assess each student’s needs. ‘We decided to put them together at one place so we could provide the resources they needed,’ Eloise Barron, the district’s assistant superintendent for teaching and learning, tells the paper.”

It’s probably a good idea to isolate them. We still don’t know how many diseases aside from scabies, head lice and tuberculosis, they may be carrying, not to mention the fact that these children are from primitive tribal conditions and stabbing someone in a fight might just be how they were brought up.

It looks like the Democrats’ future one-party state is going to come with an incredibly high price tag as our public schools try to accommodate this first wave of invaders that President Obola has given the green light to. And us White folks will get the tax bill for it. White people need to wake up and organize to save what’s left of White America before it’s too late.

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