The Jewish War on Christmas

by James Buchanan

While White American Christians are trying to enjoy Christmas, the Jewish media, the heavily Jewish ACLU and an endless string of Jewish lawsuits do whatever they can to de-Christianize America. The Jews are not satisfied that most Americans tolerate them. No, they want everyone to tip toe around their sensibilities at all times. Almost every Christmas a Jew or an atheist with a Jewish lawyer files a lawsuit to ban Nativity displays at Christmas time. The Jewish media seems to air an increasing number of arrogant, anti-Christian documentaries every Christmas.

One Internet article notes “The Anti-Defamation League, a virulently anti-Gentile, anti-white professional hate group, is launching its annual war against Christmas once again. Instead of promoting tolerance amongst the Jewish community which they purport to represent, they promote division and hatred. Case in point: While the ADL’s campaign against Christmas is advertised to promote respect for all faiths, the title of their campaign, ‘December Dilemma’ actually promotes doubt and suspicion…. According to Rev. Pike, the Anti-Defamation League says America has a big problem at Christmas time. In their purview, Christianity is given much more prominence than other faiths. They claim that Jews, blacks who celebrate Kwanzaa, and other religious minorities feel left out and made to feel as if their holiday observances are unequal to those of Christianity. They present this so-called ‘bias’ in favor of Christianity not only as unconstitutional, but a ‘civil rights violation’…”

“Yet the ADL makes no such demands for other holidays. I have yet to hear the ADL demand that Jews make Christians feel more included during Jewish holidays by allowing the equal display of Christian symbols. I have yet to hear the ADL demand the Muslims make Christians feel more included during Muslim holidays by allowing the equal display of Christian symbols. And certainly, I’ve heard no demands by the ADL that Israel guarantee just as much exposure be given to Christian or Moslem holidays for their non-Jewish residents. The ADL does not insist that Christian crosses be displayed alongside menorahs at the Tel-Aviv airport, in schools, or in government offices. No, (the) ADL believes Israel is somehow different from America. Maybe it’s because Israel is a Jewish nation, founded on the Talmud’s supremacist values. Certainly the great majority of its inhabitants are Jewish. Being the dominant ancestral/religious majority, they claim rights to national enjoyment of their religious values, unrestrained by requests for parity from minority faiths.”

The truth is that the Jews continue to hate Jesus Christ and all that he stands for to this day. The Jews have written the most filthy imaginable smears against Jesus in their Talmud. The Jews exist as a nation within a nation. They grown rich by stealing from the host population. A population like this CANNOT believe in fair play and “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Thieves or parasites must have disdain and contempt for their victims. The Jews, when they are amongst themselves, refer to Gentiles as “Goyim” or stupid cattle.

America would be much better off without the Jews. They played a key role in pushing America into unnecessary wars. Jewish bankers grew rich off World War One and World War Two. The wars against Iraq were fought entirely to soothe Israeli paranoia even though Iraq posed an insignificant threat against Israel’s massive nuclear arsenal.

And Israel has often bitten the hand that feeds it. They attacked the USS Liberty in 1967 hoping to sink that ship without survivors and to blame the sinking on Egypt. The Israelis mass-murdered 34 Americans on that ship. Israel bombed US facilities in Egypt in the 1950s in the “Lavon Affair” also hoping to blame the incidents on Egyptian radicals. There is considerable evidence that Israel knew about the 911 attack in advance. A MOSSAD camera crew videotaped the 911 attack as it happened, proving that Israel knew the attack was coming and didn’t warn us.

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