Santa Claus Shoots Two in Detroit

Santa with gun

A CBS news article reports: “A man dressed as Santa shot two people at a gas station Sunday morning in Detroit. Detroit police officials confirmed that the two victims — both 29-year-old men — were recovering from gunshot wounds following the incident at the Speedway on East Jefferson Ave. and I-375.”

“The festively dressed gunman, who is now in custody, told officers that he felt threatened after arguing with the pair and shot both men. ‘An individual who was dressed as Santa and two other individuals got into some kind of confrontation, said Detroit Police Officer Adam Madera. ‘Two of the individuals went to their vehicle; they believe that Santa felt maybe that they were going to get a weapon. He then shot these individuals.’”

“Madera said that two off-duty officers in the area engaged in a short foot chase with the suspect and directed him to an on-duty officer who made the arrest. One of the victims was listed in critical condition, while the other had non life-threatening injuries, according to police. The suspect’s name was not immediately released.”

There’s an excellent chance that the two youths really were threatening Santa. Perhaps the youths wanted to make up for all the times, they got nothing but a used crack pipe from their welfare moms as their Christmas present. Since Detroit is 84 percent Black, both the youths and Santa were probably Black. If it were a White Santa shooting two Black youths, we’d never hear the end of it from the liberal Jewish-owned news media.

Unfortunately, a person exercising self-defense in public must satisfy certain strict criteria. Some states have “stand your ground laws” which give an armed citizen a little more leeway in defending himself. (He doesn’t have to run from the attacker, which seems like a cruel and/or unreasonable burden for elderly crime victims.) Unless the youths had guns in their hands when Santa shot them, Santa is in heap big trouble. The Santa in this case assumed the youths were going to their car to get weapons to rob him, and he was probably right. I sure as hell would not want to be driving around Detroit dressed as Santa especially if my vehicle were packed with presents.


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