Two Police Officers Executed by Black Man Spurred on by Liberal Media

New York Police Murders

by James Buchanan

Two police officers were murdered in Brooklyn, New York by a Black radical in retaliation for the deaths of two Blacks, who died in fights with police.

A Yahoo News article reports “Two NYPD police officers identified as Wenjin Liu and Raphael Ramos were slain ‘execution style’ Saturday. The shooter was identified by NYPD Police Commissioner Bill Bratton as 28-year-old Ismaaiyl Brinsley…”

“According to Balitmore police, Brinsley shot and wounded a former girlfriend there around 5:45 a.m. Saturday before traveling to Brooklyn, Bratton said. The woman’s mother contacted Baltimore police after she noticed Brinsley’s comments on Instagram.”

“Baltimore police faxed a bulletin describing Brinsley to NYPD headquarters that arrived at 2:45 p.m., Bratton said, at almost the exact moment Brinsley opened fire on Liu and Ramos. Bratton said the ambush was at 2:47 p.m.”

“Bratton said according to a witness, Brinsley took a shooting stance on the passenger side of the police cruiser and fired several times striking both officers in the head. The pair, he said, never had the chance to draw their own weapons and may never have seen their assailant.”

Needless to say the Obama regime and the Democrat Party has been encouraging Blacks to demonstrate and to riot over recent incidents involving Black youths and police.

The Michael Brown shooting was clearly justified from the start. Only biased, inaccurate reporting by the liberal media quoting criminals instead of legitimate witnesses caused any confusion. Video of Brown assaulting a store clerk while robbing that store surfaced early –despite screams of protest from the usual left-wing crowd who didn’t want that video released. Autopsy evidence showed that Michael Brown was shot in the front, and eyewitness testimony supported the officer’s statement that Brown lowered his head and charged at the officer.

The death in New York of a six foot five, 400 lb Black man who was selling cigarettes illegally was admittedly more controversial, but the authorities are still investigating that incident.

There appears to be a general consensus that more of these attacks may occur in the future.

Ironically, this “retaliation” shooting against police will only make police much more paranoid about Blacks sneaking up behind them, and there could easily be more police-on-Black shootings due to this Black radical, who decided to murder two police.

Race relations have only gotten worse under Obama not better. As America turns more multi-racial, money for food stamps, Section 8 housing and other hand out programs will run out and the minorities will become even more disgruntled. Multi-racial America is doomed to fail, and we can thank America’s first Black president for accelerating the process.


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