The Michelle Obama Public School Lunch Controversy Continues

Michelle Obama Food Police

by Jeff Davis

An article from the DailyCaller reports “Most American kids attend public schools. On the other hand, the first daughters, Malia and Sasha, attend Sidwell Friends School in Washington, D.C. Tuition per student at the private school is $36,264 per year (but that includes a hot lunch).

“For Tuesday, Dec. 9, the scrumptious, bountiful lunch menu for both the middle school and the upper school at Sidwell Friends is:”

“Potato Sausage Soup; Firecracker Slaw; California Chef’s Salad; All Natural Jamaican Jerk Chicken Wings; Sweet Potato Black Bean Bake; Sautéed Local Greens; Gemelli Alfredo; Sliced Pineapple”

“This menu of completely free lunch items certainly sounds delicious and nutritious. Also, to be clear, it’s for a single day, not the entire week. Kids in America’s public, taxpayer-funded schools are not as lucky as the children of President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama. Here are just a few of the unappetizing food items posted on Twitter since Monday by American public school students along with the hashtag #thanksmichelleobama.”

There follows a series of tweeted photographs which, if they are legit, are appalling. I am looking at school lunch trays containing one apple, two slices of what looks like chicken sandwich cold cuts or else one single hot dog with a small glob of ketchup, and lumps of something unidentifiable.

The Daily Caller article continues: “The deeply unpopular Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act championed by Michelle Obama has caused kids to stop eating public-school cafeteria food in droves and an eruption of aggravation about the massive federal intervention into what American schoolchildren must now eat in public school cafeterias is never far away in the Obama era.”

“Under the complex legislation, which has long been a signature issue for the first lady, participating schools take federal money but must stringently limit the number of calories and the amount of sugar, fat and sodium in every morsel of food sold at schools. Also, in what presumably falls outside the hunger-free aspect of the act, there are calorie caps.”

Could someone tell the Obamas these are children, who are still growing and probably more active in sports and outdoor activities than they will ever be?

The article notes “Some school districts — particularly wealthier ones — have opted out of the healthy-lunch regime and the federal dollars that come with it.”

The hypocrisy of the people who rule us knows no bounds. Wealthy civil servants in Washington D.C. and politicians send their children to expensive private schools where they are fed actual food. And don’t get me into Michelle’s own diet at those posh White House parties and receptions she throws, not to mention her multi-million dollar vacations around the world at taxpayers’ expense.


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