Beef Prices Skyrocket


by Jeff Davis

An article on CNS News reports: “The average price for a pound of ground beef climbed to another record high — $4.156 per pound — in the United States in October, according to data released today by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).”

“In August, the average price for a pound of all types of ground beef topped $4 for the first time, hitting $4.013, said the BLS. In September, the average price jumped .083 cents to $4.096 per pound, an increase of 2.1 percent in one month. In October, which is the latest data from the BLS, the average price for a pound of ground beef ($4.156) increased 1.4 percent from September. A year ago, in October 2013, the average price for a pound of ground beef was $3.389 per pound. Since then, it has climbed 76.5 cents, or about 22.6 percent in one year. Five years ago, in October 2009, the average price for a pound of ground beef was $2.177, according to the BLS. The price has since climbed by $1.977 per pound, or 90.8 percent.”

Most Americans have probably noticed their hamburger prices going up at the local supermarket. Sooner or later all the fast food places and restaurants will have to raise their prices too.

A variety of factors are no doubt contributing to this problem, including the government’s desire to tax every last productive sector of our economy into oblivion. After taxing and regulating the hell out of farmers and ranchers, the federal government will literally release packs of wolves into areas where people are trying to raise cattle.

Add to that the fact that the US dollar is becoming increasingly worthless thanks in part to the spendthrift Negro in the White House, who just sent the National Debt over 18 trillion dollars. I wonder how much of our beef is getting shipped overseas to China thanks to our government’s policies. That alone would be enough to inflate the price of beef several hundred percent.

Many lunatics in our government don’t care about the beef industry. Many of them would like to get rid of red meat and replace it with tofu and kale. Pricing beef out of reach for many Americans may be part of their Agenda.

We have a treasonous government that will ruin everything within our lifetime if we don’t replace the two-party system soon.

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