Nobel Prize Winner James Watson Speaks the Truth about Race

Dr James Watson

by Ian Mosley

According to the UK Independent “One of the world’s most eminent scientists was embroiled in an extraordinary row last night after he claimed that black people were less intelligent than white people and the idea that ‘equal powers of reason’ were shared across racial groups was a delusion.”

“James Watson, a Nobel Prize winner for his part in the unravelling of DNA who now runs one of America’s leading scientific research institutions, drew widespread condemnation for comments he made ahead of his arrival in Britain today for a speaking tour at venues including the Science Museum in London.”

Dr. Watson will, of course, be facing scores of bleeding heart liberals and legions of screaming Third Worlders from Britain’s ex-colonies. The truth is still unpopular even to this day, but the brave Dr. Watson wants to stand up like a man and speak the truth in the hope that the next generation of Britons are more willing to restore sanity to government, than the previous generations.

The article continues “The 79-year-old geneticist reopened the explosive debate about race and science in a newspaper interview in which he said Western policies towards African countries were wrongly based on an assumption that black people were as clever as their white counterparts when ‘testing’ suggested the contrary. He claimed genes responsible for creating differences in human intelligence could be found within a decade.”

Putting Blacks in charge of power stations, nuclear reactors and other key infra-structure in White nations could easily lead to disaster. Most nations in Africa have enormous trouble maintaining what the White colonial powers left them. Zimbabwe shifted from a White government to a Black government as recently as 1981, but the Black militants drove out the White farmers in a genocidal campaign that the liberals of the world ignored and now the Black population of Zimbabwe teeters on the edge of mass starvation.

The article notes “He (Watson) claimed genes responsible for creating differences in human intelligence could be found within a decade. The newly formed Equality and Human Rights Commission is studying Dr Watson’s remarks in full… Dr Watson was hailed as achieving one of the greatest single scientific breakthroughs of the 20th century when he worked at the University of Cambridge in the 1950s and 1960s, forming part of the team which discovered the structure of DNA. He shared the 1962 Nobel Prize for medicine with his British colleague Francis Crick and New Zealand-born Maurice Wilkins. He has served for 50 years as a director of the Cold Spring Harbour Laboratory on Long Island, considered a world leader in research into cancer and genetics.”

Dr. Watson could have enjoyed his retirement in peace, resting on his laurels. He could have gone to countless cocktail parties, where young scientists would flatter him with endless praise. Dr. Watson however feels that he has a higher purpose in life. A man of his intelligence must fully realize how destructive race-mixing between Whites and Blacks is to society. He has decided to speak out clearly and forcefully while he still can. Liberalism has declined considerably in power since the 1970s. Maybe now is the time to begin seriously fighting back against the many lies that liberalism has shoved upon society. Maybe now is the time to destroy the cult of “racial equality” before it destroys the White race and civilization itself.

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