Why Are Liberal Elitists So Dumb?


by Jeff Davis

Washington Times columnist Wesley Pruden writes, “Why are intellectuals, sometimes the most intelligent among us, so dumb? This is the question that confounds everyone; some intellectuals most of all. The late William F. Buckley Jr., a certified egghead, once said he would rather be governed by the first 50 names in the Boston telephone book than by the professors at Harvard.”

“Another wit observes that an intellectual is someone who so prefers theory over experience that he would sit down on a red-hot stove, twice. You can be too smart for your own good, and have the blisters on your bottom to prove it.”

Unfortunately, the liberal elite in America don’t suffer because of illegal immigration or the early release of criminals from prison or denying Americans the right to carry a concealed weapon. The people who suffer are average or poor Whites, who live near all these Third World people, whom the liberals “think” are our “equals.”

The article goes on “The intellectual romance with the ‘clever’ Barack Obama continues. Having invested so much in candy and flowers, they must ignore all the evidence of being dumped. His cultivated demeanor and carefully applied patina of synthetic sophistication, fraudulent as it may be, is what attracted the adoration of intellectuals from across the political spectrum in 2008, says Charles Murray, the social scientist and an intellectual with impressive books, studies and learned papers. He admits that he’s a dumpee. ‘It’s kind of embarrassing to admit it,’ he tells an interviewer for the website Daily Caller, ‘but I responded in part to his rhetoric because he talks just like me.’”

Unfortunately, this is just how shallow many people are. They see a Black in an expensive suit who can speak articulately, and they get all excited that this is some sort of “great man.” If they would just bother to listen to Barack Obama for more than two minutes, he’s every bit the race hustler that Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson is. Obama is all about redistributing the wealth from White taxpayers to poor Blacks and Latinos until all the wealth is gone, and in Obama’s world if you own a car and have a good paying job you’re “wealthy.”

Anyone supporting blatant wealth distribution especially to able-bodied racial minorities is an anti-White RACIST, who wants to steal from White people simply because we have a better work ethic and more intelligence.

The article continues “Working-class stiffs, the people an earlier generation of political scientists called Joe Sixpack, having earned their blisters and calluses by heavy lifting, are too smart to take a seat on the red-hot stove even once. Having been to some big towns and heard some big talk, they were too smart by miles to be taken in by a smooth-talking butter and egg man from Chicago. ‘It’s not that I think he is not a patriot,’ says Mr. Murray, ‘but remember the line, he said, ‘You didn’t build that.’ No American is going to think you can say that, no matter what your political views are, because it’s just disastrous to say that. He is clueless about this country in some profoundly disturbing ways.’”

Obama doesn’t want to admit that America owes its wealth to White inventors like Henry Ford teamed up with hard-working White people who manufactured the automobiles that Henry Ford dreamed up. White people tried to share the wealth with the Blacks by letting them work in the auto plants in Detroit. The Blacks repaid this kindness by turning Detroit into a crime-ridden hell-hole.

What the White man created is being destroyed by an army of Third World invaders right here in our own homeland. White people need to wake up before things get any worse and we need a pro-White party to defend our interests, not the faux opposition party, known as the Republicans.

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