92 Million Americans Unemployed

soup line

by Jeff Davis

By now even the average American has figured out that the Obama regime’s official unemployment statistics are pure propaganda. But do we really understand the staggering reality of the crisis in America that Barack Hussein Obama has helped create?

CNS News reports: “A record 92,269,000 Americans 16 and older did not participate in the labor force in August, as the labor force participation rate matched a 36-year low of 62.8 percent, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.”

“BLS employment statistics are based on the civilian non-institutional population, which consists of all people 16 or older who were not in the military or an institution such as a prison, mental hospital or nursing home. In August, the civilian non-institutional population was 248,229,000 according to BLS. Of that 248,229,000, 155,959,000—or 62.8 percent–participated in the labor force, meaning they either had or job or had actively sought one in the last four weeks.”

“The 92,269,000 who did not participate in the labor force are those in the civilian non-institutional population who did not have a job and did not actively seek one in the last four weeks. Because they did not seek a job, they did not count as unemployed.”

This has become fairly widely known in recent years. Essentially it means that the government’s unemployment numbers are a joke. If someone fails to get a response after sending out hundreds of resumes, I can’t blame him if he gets discouraged and takes a few months off before he looks for work again. Unfortunately, with Obama in the presidency, he may need to wait years until Obama is finally out of office before there’s any significant chance the job market will improve.

In addition to discouraged workers, there are no doubt millions of women, who would like to bring in a second income for their families, but who can’t find work. Actually, our society has gotten to be so anti-White male that it’s becoming more and more likely that the man of the family will be the one stuck without work leaving the wife compelled to work so that her White family has any income.

How many of the 146 million employed people in the US were employed at minimum wage and how many of them are Blacks or illegal aliens? What is the true White unemployment rate, especially among middle-aged White males who increasingly lose their jobs past the age of 40 and who may find it impossible to get new jobs because they’re “too old”?

When private industry wasn’t hiring in the past White people used to have the option of trying to get government jobs, but it seems those jobs go almost exclusively to Blacks and Latinos. Imagine the improved quality of service we could get at the DMV or Post Office if friendly, helpful White people were hired instead of surly, fat Black women with bad attitudes.

How can any nation survive supporting 92 million adults who do no work? How can 146 million support not only themselves and their families but 92 million others as well? The number of people of Third World ancestry in the US is about 100 million by the way. Imagine all the problems we could solve if we just expelled all those people back to their home countries!!


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