Riots Break Out in Ferguson After Grand Jury Announcement

Ferguson Riot

The District Attorney in Ferguson after a lengthy preamble describing all the established evidence in the shooting of Michael Brown announced that Officer Darren Wilson will not be charged for that shooting.

Almost immediately riots began to break out. Cable news shows are reporting tear gas being fired. Gun shots being heard. Cars being set on fire. Stores being looted.

Sean Hannity pointed out that Obama sent three people to Michael Brown’s funeral, which we now conclusively know was the funeral of a criminal, who tried to grab a police officer’s gun.

No other president has had close associates attend the funeral of a criminal, who had to be put down by a police officer in self-defense.

Obama’s action of course was no surprise. He took the side of the thug, Trayvon Martin, who violently assaulted a Neighborhood Watchman, and who was justifiably shot in self-defense.

We have a president, who repeatedly takes the side of criminals against law and order. He takes the side of criminal illegal aliens against the best interests of citizens of the United States. The one remaining question is: Why won’t Congress impeach this disgrace of a president?

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