Bill Cosby Serial Rapist

Cosby and Victims

by James Buchanan

Bill Cosby was Hollywood’s “golden Negro” for decades. He co-starred with Robert Culp in the TV series I-Spy, being one of the first Blacks to break the color barrier in that genre. Cosby later starred as a responsible father, devoted to his family and loyal to his wife during the 1980s in his famously successful sitcom. Cosby’s character was a medical doctor. It was pure Hollywood propaganda meant to paint a picture of an ideal, “intelligent” Black family.

Well, it turns out Mr. Cosby was raping women who came to him hoping for assistance with their acting or singing careers. A very clear pattern of young women being given drugs and then waking up hours later usually with no memory of what happened to them. In most cases, there was little doubt that their clothes had been removed and that they had been violated. A few women, like Carla Ferrigno refused to take the spiked drink or pill and witnessed a frighteningly aggressive Cosby, whom they were lucky to escape. Because of Cosby’s superstar status and the young age of the victims, and the fact that all the rape victims were drugged, only one woman, Andrea Constand attempted to file criminal charges and a civil lawsuit against Bill Cosby for raping her.

One source notes “Andrea Costand’s complaint and civil case against Cosby in 2005 and 2006 alleges the comedian had an accuser’s sexual assault story killed in exchange for an exclusive interview.”

“Thus far, 18 women have alleged that Bill Cosby, the former puddin’ pop lovin’ patriarch on the revered sitcom The Cosby Show, sexually assaulted them between 1967 and 2004. Renewed interest in the case(s) was sparked last month, when stand-up comedian Hannibal Buress accused Cosby of being “a rapist” in a charged rant during his Philadelphia comedy set.”

“One of the most vocal of the alleged sexual assault victims is Andrea Constand, then 31, who claimed that Cosby drugged and sexually assaulted her at his Pennsylvania mansion in 2004. Constand, a Canadian, reported the incident to the Durham, Ontario, police department, but no criminal charges were filed against Cosby. The comedian did, however, settle a civil suit filed by Constand out of court that sought compensation for ‘mental anguish,’ ‘post-traumatic stress disorder,’ and the ‘loss of enjoyment of life’s pleasures.’”

“Constand’s complaint, filed February 1, 2006, makes an interesting allegation: That Cosby granted an exclusive interview to The National Enquirer in 2005 in exchange for the publication killing a story they were planning on running of another woman coming out with her story of a sexual assault by Cosby.”

So Bill Cosby played a doctor and faithful husband, fooling millions of Americans while in reality he was serial rapist, targeting mostly young White women, who had no idea what a monster he was until they started losing consciousness after getting a spiked drink.

During the period of Segregation, White people banned Blacks from White parts of town to protect White women and children from Black crime with rape being one of the worst problems. Isn’t it ironic, that Bill Cosby, the poster boy for Diversity, is now becoming the poster boy for Black rape?

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