Illegal Alien Children Swamping Schools

Illegal Alien kids

by Jeff Davis

The cost of educating a child in a public school in the US ranges from about $9,000 to $25,000 per child per year. Just one illegal alien mother with four kids will cost the L.A. Unified School District over a million dollars by the time all her kids get through high school. Many school districts in border states with Mexico are nearly bankrupt thanks to the increasing flood of Latino children. The illegal alien parents contribute very little in taxes to the school district, so the lion’s share of the cost is typically dumped on White taxpayers.

There was an attempt to prevent the children of illegal aliens from getting an education at our expense, known as Proposition 187 in California. It passed by a good margin, but a judge waved his hand and declared that it was (somehow) un-Constitutional for the children of people (who shouldn’t be here) to be denied a public school education. So I guess we have to educate every child from the Third World, who turns up here.

The current massive invasion of the US by Central American children can be laid at the feet of that judge and liberal politicians, who have been laying out the welcome mat for illegal aliens for years. Not too surprisingly, public schools are already feeling the strain and will likely be overwhelmed when school starts up again in the fall.

The Boston Herald reports: “Some of the state’s poorest school districts — already overwhelmed by immigrant children — are bracing for a new wave of Central American kids enrolling this fall that officials fear will further drain limited resources for English-speaking students.”

“’We certainly don’t want to communicate that our city is not a welcoming place, especially for young children, but we have to be concerned about our finances and our ability to serve all of our citizens,’ said New Bedford Mayor Jon Mitchell. ‘If the point comes where we feel as though our resources are getting too strained, we’re going to look to the state and federal government for assistance because that is only fair.’”

Meaning you’re going to look to the American taxpayer of course. And we wonder why we can never seem to balance the budget or reduce the deficit.

“Mitchell said school officials told him four families — three from Guatemala and one from Honduras — recently released from immigration detention centers in Texas will be enrolling their kids in New Bedford public schools this fall.”

Boy that didn’t take long. Seems like the whole world must know the US offers up free education, and they’re not shy about signing up for it as soon as the Border Patrol catches and releases them.

Obviously, they have been given housing in Massachusetts. Since most of them came across the border sans parents, are they winding up in orphanages now? Who is paying for all these freebies? And of course, this confirms that they’re simply being released once the Democrat authorities think nobody is watching.

The article continues “The flood of immigrant students comes as the nation scrambles to absorb about 57,000” (Try 300,000.) “unaccompanied immigrant children who have swarmed across the country’s southern border since the fall. Gov. Deval Patrick said this week he wants to shelter some of those kids in Massachusetts after receiving a request from the Obama administration — a plan some say could tax local school budgets.”

Notice how the liberal media always low-balls illegal immigration numbers.

They won’t be able hide the impact of this flood of illegals from everyone. What happens when the union-member White Democrats discover there’s standing room only in their local school or that their kid needs to go to the public school 50 miles away because the nearby one is full or their White kid comes home with head lice and scabies thanks to all the Latinos that Obama let in? I hope all those lower-income White Democrats are paying attention.


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