Start Screaming at your Congressman about Amnesty Now; Ignore Distractions


by James Buchanan

There’s an old saying in politics coined by no less a schemer than Franklin Delano Roosevelt that “In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.”

This week we have seen three remarkable news stories, two of which are distractions. The one story of paramount importance is Obama’s attempt to circumvent the Constitution and flood America with millions of new illegal aliens, paving the way for a chain migration so the Democrat Party can hand out those 34 million green cards they recently ordered. This needs to stopped at all costs, and every patriotic American needs to get on the phone and start screaming at his weak-kneed Congressman and Senators and make it abundantly clear that Obama NEEDS to be impeached if he tries to do this.

You can find your Congressman’s name here. Call the House switchboard at (202) 224-3121 and ask to talk to your Congressman or to leave him or her a message. Please call them up and let them know how important defeating an Amnesty is and that you would like to see Obama impeached if he tries this.

The two distracting stories involve Bill Cosby, whose serial raping first made the news in a People magazine article in 2006. The liberal media has known that Cosby was a rapist for eight years, but they decide to break one of the biggest entertainment stories of all time this week, just as Obama is plotting to turn America into a non-White majority country with a one-party government.

The other major distraction is the grand jury decision regarding the Ferguson police-shooting of Michael Brown. The Democrat Party has already used this case to try to stir up the Black community, but their hope for a big voter turn out for the Nov. 4th elections didn’t pan out. Now they are using Ferguson as a distraction from Obama’s Amnesty Executive Order with the usual not-so-subtle Democrat threat that if they don’t get what they want Blacks and/or Latinos will riot.

The facts of the Ferguson case came out a long time ago for anyone who avoids CNN as a primary source of information. The six foot four, 292 lb. violent thug Michael Brown robbed a convenience store and pushed around the store clerk as if he were a rag doll. CNN and other liberal networks have repeatedly referred to Brown as an “unarmed teen.” Excuse me, anyone who stands six foot four and weighs 292 lbs IS a deadly weapon. He doesn’t need a gun, and the Black community should quit acting as though this thug was some sort of saint.

Just minutes after robbing that store, a police car pulled up and officer Darren Wilson told Brown and his friend to get out of the middle of the road, where they were walking. Brown assaulted the police officer as he tried to get out of his car. Brown punched the officer in the face, almost knocking him out. The officer’s gun fired once as Brown tried to fight him for it, possibly hitting Brown in the arm and getting him to back off. Brown started walking away from the police car. The officer told Brown to freeze. Brown turned around and started to rush toward the car. The officer then fired off several more rounds killing Brown. A dozen eye witnesses have given statements that support officer Wilson’s account of what happened.

There’s really no reason for the Ferguson incident to still be a problem except for CNN inflaming the Black community by presenting a twisted version of events so that the Blacks will be motivated to riot. CNN is trying to use Ferguson as a distraction so that people opposed to Obama’s Amnesty scheme don’t focus on that issue and start screaming at their Congressman to shut this Amnesty effort down with an Impeachment if Obama persists.

Once again, don’t be distracted by the liberal media, which is running diversion plays all this week so that you don’t focus on Amnesty. Call the House switchboard at (202) 224-3121 and ask to talk to your Congressman and let him or her know how important defeating an Amnesty is.


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