Cannibal Cookery in Brazil


Brazil is often touted as a model of true multi-culturalism and Diversity and what America will be like in the near future so this is the kind of “culture” that we’re going to end up with here. Brazil had a larger slave population than the entire US South. Brazil maintained some semblance of culture because many of the original Portuguese settlers maintained a separate White upper class population. Unfortunately, there’s a huge mulatto or colored population in Brazil as well as millions of pure descendants from the African slaves. The only thing that’s prevented Brazil from falling apart has likely been a large influx of immigrants directly from Europe (who found it nearly impossible to immigrate to the US thanks to the Democrats, who don’t want more White people in the US).

People may argue that American Negroes aren’t cannibals. Well, what about all those recent immigrants from Liberia, Sierra Leone and other African nations well know for both ebola and cannibalism? We have had more immigrants from Africa now than the original Black population that was brought over as slaves. Considering all the troubles America has had from that one ethnic group, it really is insanity to allow any more immigration from that part of the world.

The New York Daily News reports: “Three people charged with killing at least two women, eating parts of their bodies and using their flesh to make and sell stuffed pastries went on trial Thursday in northeastern Brazil.”

“The man, his wife and his mistress were arrested in April 2012 in the city of Garanhuns and police say they have confessed to the crimes. The three allegedly lured women to their house by promising them a job as a nanny.” (The article doesn’t say what race the victims were, but given Brazil’s demographics, probably black or mulatto.) “Police found the remains of the two women in the backyard of the suspects’ house. At the time of their arrest they told police they belonged to a sect that preached ‘the purification of the world and the reduction of its population.’”

“Authorities said the trio made thick ’empada’ pastries with the flesh of their victims, which the three and also a young child who lived with the man and wife ate. The pastries were also sold to some neighbors.”

“Shortly after their arrest, police found a 50-page book titled ‘Revelations of a Schizophrenic’ written by suspect Jorge Beltrao Negromonte da Silveira. In it, he said he heard voices and was obsessed with the killing of women. Police also arrested Silveira’s wife, Isabel Cristina Pires, and his mistress, Bruna Cristina Oliveira da Silva, who lived with the couple.”

The accused cannibals look like a range of mulattoes and one pure African, which represents a very large part of the population of Brazil. Brazil is meant to be the template for the future of all White nations that liberal politicians are working day and night to accomplish. I wonder if liberals support cannibalism too since this appears to be a side-effect of multi-culturalism and Diversity.

The article notes “The G1 news portal quoted Silveira as saying during the trial’s opening: ‘I committed a horrible monstrous mistake. It was a moment of extreme weakness and brutality that I regret.’”

Chopping people up and putting them in pastries is a “mistake”? It’s been part of African culture as long as White explorers have known Africans. Perhaps the mistake is in bringing those people and their culture to the New World.

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