Will the Republicans Seriously Try to Stop Obama’s Amnesty?

Boehner Obama Cantor

by James Buchanan

The American people just voted overwhelmingly against the policies and goals of Barack Obama, but will the Republicans make any serious effort to represent the people who just voted for them?

Some folks may ask isn’t this being overly pessimistic, the Republicans couldn’t possibly ignore such a crystal clear mandate, could they?

Well, the mandate against illegal immigration has always been there. Any honestly worded poll of American citizens will show that there’s not only a substantial majority against an Amnesty, there’s a majority that wants illegal aliens deported according to the existing law and Americans want the “anchor baby” loophole eliminated.

Despite this strong opposition to Amnesty, especially by Republican voters, John Boehner has repeatedly said that Impeachment is not an option. By saying this, Boehner is admitting that he won’t obey the Constitution which requires Congress to impeach the president if he commits high crimes or misdemeanors. The failure to deport illegal aliens so that these needy Third World people will become Democrat voters is a high crime, aiding criminals to violate US law for political gain. The Republican Party needs to fire Boehner and to appoint someone willing to uphold the Constitution as Speaker of the House.

In fact, an Amnesty by Executive Order has already taken place, the “Dream Act Amnesty.” Barack Obama has zero authority to tell the officials at ICE not to arrest ANY illegal aliens. The gutless milksop, John Boehner let Obama get away with that Amnesty, which involves millions of illegals so why should anyone be surprised if Obama tries to pass another Amnesty?

Barack Hussein Obama couldn’t care less about the US Constitution. Obama is an African, who doesn’t want to obey rules or laws or a Constitution. Like most Africans who get elected to a political office, Obama is more concerned with what he can get away with. Everything Obama does is focused on political patronage and bringing more Democrat voters into the US by hook or by crook.

You can’t oppose someone like Obama with a pathetic weakling like John Boehner. You need someone with a backbone and guts, who’s willing to impeach an evil, corrupt president.

Then again, maybe this Amnesty is yet another bipartisan stab in the back courtesy of the two-party system, much like NAFTA, GATT and the 1995 Amnesty. One sure way to tell if we’re being betrayed is to watch the Republican party and see whether they remove Boehner or leave him in power, to predictably do nothing as Obama tramples the Constitution.


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