The Liberal Dietary Agenda

Michelle Obama Food Police

by Jeff Davis

The mid-term elections weren’t a total Republican sweep. Certain islands of Marxism still remain, such as Berkeley, where The Liberal Agenda still runs rampant.

An article on Forbes Magazine reports: “Voters in Berkeley, Calif., made history Tuesday, approving the nation’s first soda tax. Berkeley’s Measure D imposes a 1 cent per ounce tax on sugar-sweetened beverages (SSBs) and flavored drinks for residents in this city of 117,000. That will increase the price of a can of soda in Berkeley by 12 cents, and 68 cents for a 2-liter bottle. A referendum in San Francisco on a 2 cent per ounce tax fizzled.”

A 68 cents tax per two liter bottle means that you can forget about ever getting discount 99 cent two liter bottles of soda again (at least not with sugar). I thought the Democrats were supposed to be “friends of the poor.” Seems like they want to soak the poor with taxes, they can ill afford to pay.

A lot of Americans choose to drink sugary sodas because they don’t trust sweeteners like aspartame. What if aspartame turns out to be a much worse health danger than obesity?

The real issue here is whether the government has the authority to micromanage our lives and to punish us with taxes when we do things that they do not approve of. Frankly, I don’t even accept the Nanny-state explanation in this case. I believe the real reason is traditional liberal GREED. They want to find new excuses to raise taxes on any and everything, and this tax on sugar is a first step toward taxing any other food that people actually like to consume.

The idea here is to push certain things which were once perfectly legal and indulged in by almost everybody, such as tobacco and full sugar soda pop, into the category of controlled substances, while things that were illegal up until recently but which leftists like to do (like marijuana and buggery) are slid over into the “acceptable” column.


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