More Michelle Obama School Lunch News

Michelle Obama lunch

by Jeff Davis

Michelle Obama continues to be the biggest “food hypocrite” in history as she forces children in public schools to subsist on food that is completely alien to what they eat at home. Michelle of course is famous for dining on lobster and caviar in the south of Spain as she extravagantly ran up a huge tab for us taxpayers to pay among her many other vacations and meals which were far from vegan.

An article from eagnews reports “Social media has proven to be the most effective way for students to bring attention to their new ‘healthy’ school lunches. A Skiatook school came under fire after a picture of two small breadsticks, marinara sauce, milk and an apple was posted on Facebook,” News On 6 reports.”

“The school defended itself by saying that’s what the student chose to take. ‘Chicken nuggets, with broccoli, beans and milk,’ student Promise Fleming says. ‘It was awful.’ Another student, A’mika Ware, tells the news station, ‘It’s not fully cooked and it makes my stomach hurt.’ ”

Blacks love “comfort food” and you won’t see many of them hopping on board Michelle’s tofu and kale lunches.

The article continues “Those students aren’t alone. Others have been taking to Twitter to show their lunches, with one even including the hashtag #ThanksObama. School administrators have admitted there are problems with the new rules. ‘I know they are,’ Chickasha superintendent David Cash says of kids going hungry. ‘There is no doubt about that. My own kid comes home and the first thing he does is raid the refrigerator.’”

The funniest thing about all this are the junior entrepreneurs who are springing up thanks to socialist Michelle, as students make money by bringing everything from candy to bootleg Big Macs to school to sell to their starving classmates.

Doesn’t Michelle understand that kids need to eat big meals so they can grow and be alert in class? The people who should be on the broccoli and lettuce diets are the fifty-something, heavy-set sheboons like Michelle Obama.

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