Nov. 4th Election: Vote Democrat if You Want Ebola in the US


by James Buchanan

The nation of Australia just announced a ban on any travel from the ebola countries (Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea) to Australia. There is nothing of value in Africa except natural resources. The average IQ of people in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea is about 67 points. That’s the average. If you bring stone age people with that low an IQ to an advanced White nation, all they are going to do is become welfare burdens or possibly take up a few low-level menial jobs, which should be done by less ambitious White people.

There’s only one reason why liberals insist on having Open Borders with the Third World: They want more low IQ liberal voters, who will vote for liberal politicians and ensure the victory of the welfare state over sane, conservative fiscal policies.

The fanatical support that Obama and many Democrats are showing for their Open Borders policy even in the face of the ebola plague should convince any sane voter that it’s too dangerous to keep Obama and the Democrats in power. Millions of American lives are at stake, and we can’t just “hope” that ebola won’t “change” into an airborne version after establishing itself in the US because of a reckless failure to do anything intelligent to keep ebola out.

A Reuters news article reports “Australia became the first developed country on Tuesday to shut its borders to citizens of the countries worst-hit by the West African Ebola outbreak, a move those states said stigmatized healthy people and would make it harder to fight the disease.”

“Australia’s ban on visas for citizens of Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea followed decisions by the U.S. military to quarantine soldiers returning from an Ebola response mission and some U.S. states to isolate aid workers….”

The liberal US media was recently wailing about a nurse, who had been put into quarantine after treating ebola victims in Africa. Two nurses in a Dallas hospital came down with ebola after treating a single ebola patient under much better conditions. Governor Christie in New Jersey and Governor Cuomo in New York both announced a 21 day quarantine period for anyone traveling from west Africa to the US after the federal government failed to do anything and continued to talk nonsense in the face of a deadly peril.

The Obama regime immediately started pressuring Christie and Cuomo to lift the 21 day quarantine period. Meanwhile, a US Army major general and 10 other personnel were being held in a 21 day quarantine before returning to the US according to a CNN article.

The Democrat Party and Barack Obama have gone completely insane. They would rather play Russian Roulette with the lives of millions of Americans for nothing other than political correctness and the Democrat plan to flood America with future welfare recipients from every part of the Third World until they have a permanent majority to keep them in perpetual powerful.

The Democrats however assume that there will always be a robust tax base supporting their welfare state. What they fail to realize is that White people form the backbone that supports America and that when the percentage of minorities reaches 50, 60 or 70 percent in America, there will be too many low-productivity people and too many parasites for America to function. We will collapse into a Third World nation status and never recover.

White people need to wake up quickly and become politically active to defeat the criminally insane forces of the Left while we still have time.


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