Why Is the Ferguson Situation Still a Crisis?


by Jeff Davis

An article from Clashdaily.com reports “Calls to respond violently to supposed police repression are reaching a fevered-pitch in the St. Louis and Ferguson areas. Just a few days ago, a Ferguson protest leader promised to take ‘anger and rage’ out on innocents. Tonight, supporters of the protesters in Ferguson are calling for violence, particularly against people who are not African American.”

“On social media sites, protesters are pushing an agenda of violence. During a live video on ustream yesterday, members called for their ‘brothers’ to ‘break some cracker skulls:’ ”

“On video, protesters scream that they’re praying for the death of the police, and threaten them with violence…”

The Democrats have seized on the police shooting incident in Ferguson a few months ago, when a White police officer shot a monstrous 292 lb giant Black “youth” who had just robbed a convenience store, pushing around the store clerk like a rag doll, and who then tried to grab a police officer’s gun. The Democrats are trying to work this into their midterm election strategy to “energize the base.” You will probably find that much of this agitation in Ferguson was paid for by the Democratic Party, through various convoluted and circuitous routes.

In case you don’t believe the Dems would do this, a news blog in Georgia notes “The Democratic effort to pump up the African-American vote in Georgia just took an interesting turn… (namely a) Democratic turnout flyer: ‘If you want to prevent another Ferguson…’ (vote Democrat).”

In fact several political flyers from the Democrats are hyping the incident in Ferguson to stir up the Black vote.

This is why there are still riots going on in Ferguson months after the shooting despite the fact that the victim Michael Brown was shot in the front, that witness testimonies support the officer and that a video surfaced of Brown pushing around a store clerk as he robbed that store shortly before the shooting.

The Democrats don’t care if their racial agitation leads to police being shot at or innocent White people being viciously beaten. This is how politics is done in America today.

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