Even Liberals Don’t Like Obama’s Screening Policy for Ebola

Obama ebola

by James Buchanan

For weeks people all across America have been screaming about the insanity of Obama’s “open borders” policy after the appearance of the ebola Patient Zero, Thomas Eric Duncan in Dallas, Texas. Two nurses at that hospital came down with ebola. One of the nurses took plane trips to Cleveland and back just before testing positive causing the CDC to put one thousand people on a self-monitoring program for ebola symptoms.

There has been a growing demand to ban all airline passenger traffic from the ebola countries or even from all of Africa. There have been ebola cases in Mali, Nigeria and the Congo as well as the original ebola countries, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea. The danger of people from Liberia fleeing to other parts of Africa and getting illegal ID so they can come to the US is so great that a blanket ban on all travel from Africa for the duration of the ebola outbreak is necessary if we’re serious about keeping ebola out of the US.

Instead of doing anything decisive, Obama has chosen to lie to the American public pretending that ebola is not a serious danger even though the CDC predicted that there could be 1.4 million cases of ebola by January. Not too surprisingly, a second “Patient Zero” has just shown up in New York. A doctor, who was treating ebola patients in Sierra Leone, returned to the US with no apparent symptoms, rode a bus in New York and went bowling. He then suddenly developed a fever with a 103 degree temperature, checked himself into a hospital and tested positive for ebola.

After this glaring second failure, the only change Obama has made has been to check people arriving from the ebola countries for elevated temperatures. There’s just one little problem: That would not have stopped either Thomas Eric Duncan or the ebola-infected doctor, Craig Spencer from passing that minor speed bump as neither of them had symptoms when they arrived in the US.

Because the federal government under Obama has failed to protect us from ebola, Governor Cuomo of New York and Governor Christie of New Jersey have both decided to impose a mandatory 21 day quarantine on anyone coming to the US from the ebola countries. An article from Time magazine reports “Healthcare workers returning to New York or New Jersey from treating Ebola patients in West Africa will be placed under a mandatory quarantine, officials announced a day after a Doctors Without Borders MD was diagnosed with the virus in New York City.”

“N.J. Gov. Chris Christie and N.Y. Gov. Andrew Cuomo made the announcement as part of a broader procedural plan to help protect the densely packed, highly populated area from any further spread of the disease.”

The threat from ebola is so clear and undeniable, it’s stunning that Obama continues to leave the US vulnerable to continuing repeat cases of ebola-infected people arriving in major US cities. If Obama were not Black, this level of incompetence and criminal neglect would have likely resulted in calls for an impeachment, but the gutless Republicans once again won’t call for Obama’s removal no matter how much he endangers the population of the US.

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