Outbreak of Sanity in Australia!


White people have become so used to politicians betraying our best interests that it’s a major news story whenever anything is done for our benefit.

An article from Ha’aretz reports nervously: “Jewish leaders in Australia are bracing for a potential showdown with the new Liberal government over its pre-election pledge to repeal sections of the nation’s race hate laws, which make Holocaust denial and the promotion of anti-Semitism unlawful.”

In other words, the Jews got their puppet politicians to pass “thought crime” legislation supposedly to ban “hatred” but invariably it bans the truth, especially the truth about Third World immigrants and the truth about the Jews.

White people all over the world should oppose any attempt to criminalize speech. These hate speech laws are invariably conjured up by Jews. White people need to wake up to who their biggest enemies are.

There is ALWAYS a liberal or whiny Jew who will take offense at and complain about everything that a conservative (or White Nationalist) has to say. This is why you can never subject free speech to the condition of not offending anyone. There are always people who are offended by the truth due to their politics, liberal delusions or anti-White agenda.

There are rumblings even in Europe that these insane hate laws have worn out what little support they ever had. Often, the minorities grow so fond of beating “Whitey” over the head with these laws that they not only go after right-wing people, but they’ll attack White moderates and liberals as “racists” or “homophobes” for the tiniest offense or offhand remark.

The problem is that the most certain way to draw attention to an idea is to make it forbidden. It could be that some of the ruling elite are finally figuring that out. Let’s just hope it’s too late for them to stop a wave of White Nationalism spreading around the world.


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