Obama Policies Help Bring Ebola to America

Ebola Obama

by Jeff Davis

One of the marks of a Third World country is Third World disease, foul and contagious and lethal. Often the natives resort to voodoo in the absence of any real medical system. Third World diseases sometimes cross borders into other Third World nations.

The US used to keep out Third World people and had little problem with Third World plagues, but now we have an African president, who clearly wants the immigration door wide open for his brothers in Africa –even if they have ebola.

The Wall Street Journal reports: “A Dallas man who was in contact with the first person to be diagnosed with the Ebola virus in the U.S. said in an interview that the Liberian native had been weak and ill in an apartment after trying to seek help at a hospital days earlier.”

“Joe Joe Jallah said he met the man diagnosed with Ebola, Thomas Eric Duncan, last week when visiting Mr. Jallah’s former wife, Louise Troh, the same woman Mr. Duncan had come to see in the U.S.”

Joe Joe Jallah is clearly not a “Dallas man” but an African, who does not belong here. If he and his Liberian relatives and friends had been kept out of the US by a responsible government, we would NOT be in this crisis right now.

“Numerous members of the Liberian community in North Texas confirmed that Mr. Duncan traveled to the U.S. to visit Ms. Troh, who is also from Liberia. Ms. Troh declined to speak about the situation when reached by phone.”

Why in the name of all that is holy is there such a thing as a “Liberian community” in Texas or anywhere else in this country? Sorry, I digress.

“Mr. Jallah, who believed that this was Mr. Duncan’s first trip to the U.S., said he was anxious to hear from Mr. Duncan about the situation in Liberia, where Ebola has ravaged parts of the country. He listened as Mr. Duncan described how dire things had become in Liberia, and how rigorous the health screenings were during his trip to the U.S. Several days later, on Saturday, Mr. Jallah said he had heard that Mr. Duncan had fallen ill….”

It was only a matter of time before this happened, of course. Other news stories reveal that this whole family of Africans proceeded to stroll all over Dallas exposing the entire public to this African plague until someone finally had the sense to order them to stay in their apartment.

What’s next? West Nile virus? Enteric fever? Leprosy? Bilharzia? Bubonic plague? Africanized rabies –a particularly nasty strain?

If these diseases would strike only Democrats and liberals it would be poetic justice. Unfortunately, we are left wondering if we are facing death due to Obama’s sheer incompetence or due to a sinister plot to mass murder Americans and create more police state legislation.

I sincerely hope the FBI and CDC has enough competent Whites in their ranks to track down any additional ebola-infected people in Dallas and we’re spared an out of control plague. One person we won’t want to thank is Barack Obama who set the stage for this to happen.

I hope there are millions of outraged Americans, who will take out their wrath on the Democrats at the ballot box in November. For crying out loud, there should be a backlash, the Democrats and their Open Borders policy have come within a hair of getting us all killed, and we won’t even know if this ebola outbreak is contained for several more weeks if not months!


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