Liberian with Ebola Sneaks into White House Past Drunken Secret Service Agents

Obama Stupid

Editor’s Note: Here’s a satirical article that’s been going around as an e-mail lately.

by Patrick Finnegan

In the last two weeks, we had an African with ebola board a commercial airliner and fly right into Dallas, and apparently nobody in Congress thought this was a bad idea.

Just to prove the incompetence goes double for the White House, a crazed individual proclaiming that the “atmosphere was collapsing” charged into the White House, which apparently needs a lock on the front door or at least a guard able to stop a lunatic.

Well, based on these recent events, I predict that an ebola-infected individual named Ngumbo Clk Clk Mtumbe from Liberia will scale the White House fence and go charging across the White House lawn with a machete in one hand (and possibly in the other hand the severed head of a co-worker, who was the recipient of “work place violence”).

Mtumbe will be chanting “Death to the Infidels” as he runs across the yard as a sign of his support for Diversity and his love for America.

Mtumbe will then push aside the 98 pound lesbian Secret Service agent stationed at the front door, and he will run five laps around the inside of the White House before tripping over the passed out drunken body of a Secret Service Agent and fracturing his head on Obama’s desk. The agent will later get a commendation from the president for stopping him.

Mtumbe will then be taken to a nearby hospital where he will infect the entire staff with ebola as he spreads the virus over 1,000 pages of ObamaCare forms that he had to fill out.

At the end of the day, America will learn absolutely nothing because the mainstream media doesn’t want us to learn anything about illegal immigration, protecting America from Third World plagues or anything else that may prove beneficial for America.


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