Ebola Outbreak Could Spread to US Thanks to Political Correctness and Obama


Editor’s Note: Thanks to Obama and his incompetence, the first confirmed case of ebola has been discovered in Dallas. A second possible case stemming from the first individual is discussed here.

by James Buchanan

The latest strain of ebola is 90 percent fatal and attempts to control it in west Africa appear to be failing. The latest ebola outbreak began in March 2014 in Guinea and spread to Ghana, Siera Leone and Liberia. A case of ebola has turned up in Lagos, Nigeria, causing fear that it has spread to a major African city.

A sane government would put an immediate ban on any travel from Africa. Racial profiling should even be used to single out Africans, and to keep them from visiting or trying to seek asylum.

Thanks to political correctness and an utter disregard for the safety of people living in Europe and the United States, commercial airliners are still flying directly from the African countries in the midst of the ebola outbreak and absolutely no effort is being made to keep out people, who are the most likely to be carriers of ebola.

There may be an additional motivation not to exclude Africans from coming to the United States because Barack Obama is the current president. So we can thank the stupid half of the population for electing Obama and abandoning all border control when ebola cases are eventually confirmed in several of our major cities.

For anyone, who doesn’t think ebola will turn up in White nations, consider these stories:

One recent news article reports an “Ebola terror (broke out) at Gatwick (airport in London) as (a) passenger collapses and dies getting off Sierra Leone flight… The plane was quarantined as officials desperately tried to trace everyone who had been in contact with the woman. Airport workers faced an anxious wait to see if the woman had Ebola. One said: ‘Everyone’s just petrified.’ Speaking of the horrific moment the passenger collapsed, the shocked staff member added: ‘The woman was sweating buckets and vomiting… Paramedics arrived to try and help her. The next thing everybody was there… emergency crews, airfield operations, even immigration. They closed down the jet bridge and put the aircraft into quarantine. They took everyone’s details, even the guy who fuels the aircraft.”

Believe it or not, the plane had just flown in from Sierra Leone, one of the nations caught up in the ebola epidemic. The woman’s symptoms which included a fever and vomiting were consistent with ebola. The British authorities quickly claimed that the woman did not have ebola. Their claim was a little too quick because it takes one or two days to do a complete test for ebola and only a few hours had passed between this woman collapsing and the government claim that she posed no threat.

Another news article reports “A man admitted to Mount Sinai Medical Center with a high fever and gastrointestinal symptoms after a trip to West Africa probably does not have Ebola, New York City’s health commissioner said Tuesday. Dr. Mary Bassett said it’s ‘highly unlikely’ the man has Ebola even though he recently traveled to a country where the virus has been reported, adding that she would await test results from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention… Two American aid workers who were infected with Ebola in Africa are being treated in an isolation unit at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta. The response in the ER was immediate, and doctors assure the patient will receive the best care possible. ‘We believe the care that can be provided here would be sufficient for any patient with that disease,’ hospital president and COO Dr. David Reich said. ‘We are hopeful there will be a rapid recovery and this turns out not to be Ebola.'”

Notice that the first part of that article starts off by declaring that they don’t think the individual has ebola. How would they know that? The individual is obviously sick enough to require hospitalization and someone felt a need to do an ebola test so shouldn’t they wait before making statements like that? Or is there pressure from higher up in our government to put the kibosh on the thought of any coal-black Africans turning up in America with the deadliest plague in recent history.

The head of the CDC under Obama is quoted in an AFP article saying “Ebola’s spread to the United States is ‘inevitable.'”

Now wouldn’t a competent president fire the head of the CDC for saying that and replace him with someone willing to take the necessary steps to make sure that ebola NEVER comes to the US? But then, we don’t have a competent president. We have Barack Obama, the choice of the dumb half of the population.

Actions have consequences, people. We stood by and allowed the Democrats to steal the 2012 election and keep Obama in office. We failed to get Congress to Impeach Obama over his great many crimes and colossal blunders. Now we’re staring at an ebola outbreak inevitably coming to America because our government won’t take the most basic steps to protect us from it.


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