Jewish Ritual Murder—It’s Still Around

Jewish Ritual Murder

by Ian Mosley

For the past three thousand years, the Jews have been accused of practicing the ritual murder of non-Jewish children. I have slightly edited the English in this article, since it was translated from Russian by whomever posted it on the web.

An article on reports: “On April 16, 2005, just a week before the beginning of the Jewish Passover on April 23, five children, Muslim and Christian, disappeared in the Russian Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk. Four weeks later their burnt bodies were found in a sewage pit. A popular Russian daily, Komsomolskaya Pravda, writes today that many Russians in the city are convinced that the children were ritually murdered by local Jews who later burnt their bodies to conceal the crime and prevent experts discovering the lack of blood in the bodies which is used by Hasidic Jews for ritual purposes. Few people in the city believe that the Jewish murderers (will) ever come to trial and that the murders would be properly clarified by police investigators in the present-day ‘new democratic Russia.’”

“Vladimir Salamatov, the attorney representing the interests of the parents of the murdered children told the paper that 5 independent experts confirmed the lack of hemoglobin (the red substance in human blood) in all the burnt bodies. ‘I am sure that it was a ritual murder with exsanguinations (draining of blood),’ he said. Evgeny Kazantsev, the Head of Untraditional Religious Groups Monitoring Center, agrees that it was a ritual murder. A Moscow independent researcher and journalist, Mikhail Nazarov, stresses that there is a large Jewish community in Krasnoyarsk, and that the authorities have done their best to conceal this ritual murder committed by the Jews. A witness reported seeing the bodies of the children thrown intact in the pit as prescribed by the Jewish ritual, and then somebody burnt then to conceal ritual wounds in specific places of the bodies made for the exsanguination, Mr Nazarov said.”

“The researcher reminded of a well-known case of the ritual murder of a 10-year-old Christian child, Andyusha Yushchinsky in Kiev in 1913. A local Jewish community activist, Mendel Beilis, was arrested and accused of the murder and later released by a court because of insufficient evidence, with a minor overweight among the jury.” (?? Poor English on the part of the translator. I presume this means a hung jury.)

The Jews, of course, emphatically deny at great length and with much shouting and waving of hands that they drain the blood of Gentile children and mix it with their matzohs for Passover. Well, they would, wouldn’t they? But all these dead children keep turning up drained of blood.

They claim that for at least two millennia, all of the nations on the earth where they have resided have simply made up this accusation out of nothing more than sheer meanness and hate against the Jewish people. The citizens of ancient Alexandria in Roman times, tenth-century Byzantines, twelfth-century English with their Little Hugh of Lincoln and Chaucer with his Prioress’s Tale, Poles and Germans and French and Czechs and Spaniards, nineteenth-century Syrians, early 20th century Russians under the Czar, Chicago 1955 and now back to Russia in 2005.

That’s one hell of a conspiracy against the poor little Jews, spanning the centuries, among peoples as widely apart in locality as Montreal and Rome and the forests of the Ukraine, and lifetimes apart in time and culture, people who did not even speak one another’s language. And they all conspired and connived to lay this horrible “false” accusation at the feet of the poor, persecuted Jewish people. Or maybe there are sinister cabalistic elements within the Jewish population which have been doing these things, and the rest of the Jews use their influence to cover this up.

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