American Politics Racially Polarized

Obama and Minority Crowd

by Jeff Davis

The liberal mainstream news media is finally admitting something that has been happening for the last 50 years, proving that if you live long enough you might hear them let out one or two bits of truth.

An article from states: “Whites and nonwhites have long shown differing political party preferences, with nonwhites widely favoring the Democratic Party and whites typically favoring the Republican Party by at least a small margin. In recent years, however, the margins in favor of the Republican Party among whites have been some of the largest.”

“The results are based on yearly aggregates of Gallup poll data since 1995, the first full year that Gallup regularly measured Hispanic ethnicity. For this analysis, Gallup defines whites as non-Hispanic whites, and nonwhites as blacks, Hispanics, Asians, and all other races combined.”

I’m stunned that ANY White people still support the Democrats. How long does the Democrat party have to beat White people over the head with soaring taxes to pay for public schools too dangerous for White children to attend?

It’s too bad the Republicans NEVER embrace the idea of representing White people. Instead, they endlessly run away from that stereotype, always trying to copy whatever the Democrat Party is doing.

What’s wrong with being the White party or a predominantly White party? The Democrats don’t mind the fact that they got about 99 percent of the Black vote in 2012. They take pride in that. Maybe the Republicans should consider DOING SOMETHING FOR WHITE PEOPLE. In 2001, George Bush briefly toyed with the idea of abolishing anti-White Federal Quotas, but then some neocons and Jews must have talked him out it.

The Democrats are building their artificial underclass to keep voting them into power and to create a one-party state. This underclass is largely non-White including millions of illegal aliens who are already voting unlawfully in places like California, Nevada and Texas. Unfortunately there is still a significant population of White “libtards” who insist on siding with the enemy, who would steal jobs, promotions and college entry slots from their children on the basis of their White skin.

There is just a chance that the normal White population might rally enough votes in the 2014 midterm elections to take the Senate as well as the House. If enough Tea Party Republicans get elected, perhaps we can even have that long overdue Impeachment of the brown, vagrant Kenyan squatting in the Oval Office.

If this racial polarization continues, there might actually be some hope that White people will move on from the Republican Party, which continually insists on betraying White people and fumbling the ball every time they get it. The Tea Party is a good start, but we need an openly pro-White party.



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