Black Thug Murders 14 Year Old White Girl, Taunts Mother on Cell Phone

Kelli O Laughlin

by Jeff Davis

The Jewish-controlled news media has an interesting view of the world. To them, it’s a major outrage –deserving months of news media attention– if a White man shoots a Black thug in self-defense. We saw that in the Trayvon Martin case, in which a picture of a ten year old Trayvon was circulated to stir up outrage. We later found out that Trayvon was somewhere from five feet eleven to six foot three inches tall (either height was much taller than Zimmerman), that Trayvon liked MMA fighting, that Trayvon assaulted a bus driver and that Trayvon got suspended three times from school for crimes that should have gotten him jail time. The Neighborhood Watchman, George Zimmerman was portrayed as “White” in most of the early news reports, later modified to “White-Hispanic.”

We saw the Jewish media bias again regarding the Black youth, Michael Brown, who just minutes before his encounter with police, pushed around a store clerk as if he were a rag doll after stealing a $50 box of cigars. Brown then bashed a police officer in the head, started walking away and then apparently changed his mind and decided to attack the officer again, leading to his death in a hail of gunfire.

The media prefers to call these individuals “unarmed Black teens” as opposed to violent, out-of-control Black thugs. The 292 lb six foot four Michael Brown was a walking deadly weapon, just ask the clerk who got tossed around by him or the police officer with the shattered orbital eye socket.

Why does the Jewish media obsess over Black youth, who are shot while committing felonies and not over innocent White people, who are murdered by Blacks for no reason?

The latest White victim is a 14 year old White girl. An article from reports: “A grieving mother testified in an Illinois court Wednesday that she received taunting text messages from her daughter’s alleged killer the day after the girl was brutally murdered. Prosecutors called Brenda O’Laughlin to the stand to testify in their case against John Wilson Jr. who stands accused of murdering 14-year-old Kelli O’Laughlin in October 2011.”

“O’Laughlin testified she found her daughter, lying in a pool of blood, in the family’s kitchen when she returned home from work Oct. 27, 2011. She called 911 and tried to administer CPR. Kelli O’Laughlin was taken to a nearby hospital where she was pronounced dead, the result of multiple stab wounds…”

“’Hello Brenda,’ read the first message, the woman testified. It was from her daughter’s phone. ‘She wanted to tell you something before I killed her,’ read the next message…”

“Then came another message that read, ‘You’ve got two minutes to text me before I break the phone,’ Brenda O’Laughlin testified.”

“’Who are you and what do you want?’ she replied.”

“The answer was a haunting: ‘You will know soon when I come see you.’”

“A few days later police arrested Wilson for the girl’s murder. Prosecutors claim phone records indicate Wilson’s and Kelli’s phone were with the same person the day the text messages were sent. They also claim they have DNA evidence linking Wilson to the crime scene. Police believe Wilson stabbed Kelli when the girl returned home from school and walked in on him robbing the family’s house.”

So of course he had to stab a White child to death. Having read hundreds of similar stories, I have to wonder if the Negro attempted to rape this poor girl, and the authorities are keeping that information from the White public.

Notice that the Jewish news media avoided this horrific, Black-on-White crime story, the same way a vampire would avoid a crucifix. It was primarily a local news media story. There will never be extended, month-long, nation-wide coverage of a story like this on CNN, MSNBC or even FOX. CNN and MSNBC will only obsess over the likes of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown and only after thoroughly misreporting the initial story.

If White people knew the true extent of Black-on-White crime, and if they all could hear the details of sadistic fiends like this Black criminal gloating over the murder of a young White girl while texting the mother of his victim, White people would be demanding that we get our own all-White nation and that we no longer live in daily fear of our women and children being butchered by the likes of this monster.


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