The Michelle Obama Food Rebellion Continues

Michelle Obama Food Police

by Jeff Davis

The rebellion against Michelle Obama’s nationwide attempt to jam rabbit food down children’s throats is spreading –even to her “home” state of Illinois.

An article from reports: “Hummus [mashed chickpeas] is too fatty, pretzels are too salty. Even hard-boiled eggs and yogurt don’t make the cut. Those restrictions and others imposed on schools through the revamped ‘healthier’ National School Lunch Program convinced officials in Illinois’ second largest school district to forfeit nearly $1 million in federal lunch aid to serve students food they want to eat, rather than what the government tells them to, CBS reports.”

It is actually far more cost effective to pay X amount of dollars for food kids do want to eat on the state’s own dime, rather than pay X plus Y federal aid dollars for a whole bunch of green leafy crap that is simply going to be scraped into the dumpster at the end of each school day. The kids won’t buy the school-approved lunches and instead spend money that could be going to the cafeteria on bootleg snack foods and Big Macs bought from enterprising classmates.

The article notes “‘So far so good. The meals, as you’ve seen, look fantastic, and there’s a lot of excitement,’ District 214 Associate Superintendent Cathy Johnson told the news station as officials recently unveiled their new (non-Michelle) menu.”

“The federal ‘healthier’ school lunch overhaul, championed by First Lady Michelle Obama, has been a boondoggle for public schools across the country. The tightened restrictions, intended to combat childhood obesity, have driven more than 1 million students away from school lunches and created over $1 billion per year in food waste since they were implemented in 2012.”

A billion dollars a year scraped into plastic garbage cans. The Democrats are still the masters of waste and nanny-state micro-managing at the same time!

“The drastic drop-off in lunch sales is prompting an increasing number of school districts to ditch the regulations and attached federal funding to save their floundering cafeteria programs. Just this week, two other New York school districts dropped out. District 214 administrators told CBS the unreasonable restrictions on protein, sodium and fat made preparing meals students would buy nearly impossible, while the district-inspired menu would be far simpler, according to Johnson.”

“Crispy falafel with flatbread and rice pilaf, and pasta primavera with roasted vegetables and olive oil – two new menu items in District 214’s lineup – would have violated the federal regulations because of low protein content, for example. ‘What would happen is the sales simply wouldn’t be there, and the offerings that we would currently have wouldn’t be available,’ Johnson told CBS.”

That sounds suspiciously like a free-enterprise, market-driven economy to me. And we can’t have that, now, can we? I wonder if Michelle and the Dems will try to punish these schools for providing their students with lunches, they actually want to eat.

“The district simply wasn’t selling enough lunches under the federal restrictions to qualify for reimbursement, so they decided to forego a potential $900,000 in government lunch aid to go it alone. ‘It’s a reimbursement, so if we don’t sell food, we won’t receive that $900,000 anyway,’ Johnson said.”

“The freedom from the federal school food police also allows the district to serve the snacks students want, rather than following federal regulations on those foods imposed on schools this year. The snack rules have forced many school districts to remove profitable vending machines, or to cancel school bake sales and ban birthday cupcakes to comply with food restrictions.”

So the kids of America have told Michelle Obama to get lost. Too bad their parents couldn’t have done that to Barry in 2012.


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