Government Studies: “Why Are Most Lesbians Obese?”

Hillary Fat

by Jeff Davis

Just when you thought the government couldn’t possibly find any more ways to waste your tax dollars, The Washington Times reports: “A federal study to determine why 75 percent of lesbian women are obese and gay men are not has totaled nearly $3 million.”

Now, think about this. What could you do with $3 million dollars? What gives these morons in Washington D.C. the right to squander $3 million dollars on utter nonsense like this?

The article notes “The National Institutes of Health study is now in its fourth year, receiving an additional $670,567 for fiscal year 2014, for a total cost of $2.87 million, the Washington Free Beacon reported.”

“Researchers at Brigham and Women’s Hospital have come to several conclusions since studying the striking interplay of gender and sexual orientation in obesity disparities, which is slated to last until 2016.”

And how many millions of dollars will it have consumed by then?

The article continues “They have determined that gay and bisexual males had a greater desire for toned muscles than straight men, lesbians have lower athletic self-esteem that may lead to higher rates of obesity, and that lesbians are more likely to see themselves at a healthy weight even though they are not, the Free Beacon reported. Their research also found that LGBT individuals exercise less than heterosexuals, and that sexual minorities are 46 to 76 percent less likely to be athletic.”

You don’t suppose that certain women, who have bad personalities AND who don’t take care of themselves so that they’re ever attractive to men, wind up becoming lesbians and that it’s as simple as that.

Throw in some Hollywood propaganda to promote lesbianism and you get some weak-minded women drawn into that lifestyle, which would account for all the “lipstick lesbians” who aren’t fat and butch.

Where did all that money really go for this research? Into whose pockets? Surely not into the pockets of certain people whose voter registration begins with the letter “D”? Surely not!

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