Liberal Editors Shutting Down Comments about Black Crime Again


by Jeff Davis

In Charlottesville, Virginia a White couple was attacked by Blacks on Christmas Eve. As often happens, the incident received no national news coverage until the link to the local article in Charlottesville was publicized by Matt Drudge.

Now reports: “In Monday, Charlottesville, Virginia’s News and Arts Weekly shut down the comment section of its website on an article regarding a brutal incident of the so-called Knockout Game in the city’s mall – based on the ‘hateful nature’ of the comments.”

The article itself reported on Jeanne Doucette’s boyfriend, Marc Adams being pummeled into unconsciousness by a group of three black males. Doucette caught the beating on camera.

The article notes “Both victims wondered whether the episode was an example of the so-called knock-out game, in which assailants randomly strike an innocent passerby with the goal of rendering them unconscious. Several such assaults have resulted in the deaths of victims.”

“The post, which was linked by the Drudge Report, quickly went viral, spurring commenters to post messages about the knockout game and the incident. The editor-in-chief for the site, Giles Morris, warned commenters that their posts could be deleted: ‘Dear Readers, This is a local news story about an alleged assault that occurred on our Downtown Mall. Please do not use this comment stream as a forum for social diatribes, for racist ranging, or for expressing anger. We will delete you…’”

“After one commenter responded with a quote from George Orwell – ‘If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear’ – Morris shut down the thread. He wrote, ‘This comment stream has been closed due to the hateful nature of the discussion the story generated. Sorry for the inconvenience.’”

An editor of the Chicago Tribune admitted that the race of Black criminals was being deliberately omitted from news articles. The motive for this was to keep White people from building up a negative opinion of Blacks. What the editor failed to note was that by keeping important information about Black-on-White violent attacks from the public, he was putting White people’s lives in danger. I guess in his liberal world covering up Black crimes was more important than saving White lives.

If the liberal mainstream media continues to censor news about Black-on-White crimes, then Internet news sources like the Drudge Report, which reports news like that accurately, will continue to grow. The Drudge Report by the way was gets about one billion views per month.

White people are going to find out about Black crime regardless of liberal censorship. Many Blacks post videos of Black crime on youtube giving millions of White people an unfiltered view of what ghetto Blacks like to do for “fun.”

In fact, it’s virtually impossible to escape Blacks and Black crime in most US cities unless you live in an exclusive multi-million dollar neighborhood, and how many people, aside from the liberal elite, fall into that tiny group?

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