Vote Boehner out of Office so Obama Can Be Impeached


by James Buchanan

Despite the complete surrender of the US southern border to the illegal aliens, a recent news article quotes House Speaker John Boehner as saying ““We have no plans to impeach the president.”

We have never had a more personally corrupt and treasonous president than Barack Obama. A number of pundits have suggested that Obama’s main goal is to destroy America and thereby punish it for being so successful, prosperous and powerful while the average Third World nation is backward, poverty-stricken and weak.

The Blacks, Latinos and other Third World races in America voted overwhelmingly for Obama because they see his election as a victory of the non-Whites over the Whites —something that the delusional White liberals don’t get.

Obama has increased the National Debt from 10 trillion to 18 trillion dollars, and he’s still got two and a half years to go. His ObamaCare mandate is a massive federal intrusion into the health care industry and lives of every American and should have been declared un-Constitutional.

Obama’s negligence and foreign policy blundering caused the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi, Libya. Obama’s sidekick, Eric Holder created a program, called “Fast and Furious” that put guns into the hands of Mexican drug gangs and got a US Border Patrol Agent killed.

Obama’s militantly partisan choice to head the IRS, Lois Lerner is guilty of using the IRS to persecute conservative and Tea Party organizations, which amounts to a flagrant abuse of power by the Obama regime. One of the Impeachment charges that was being drawn up against Richard Nixon concerned him merely talking about using the IRS to audit one person. Obama has used the IRS against hundreds of organizations.

On top of all this, Obama has effectively ordered the Border Patrol to stand down. Obama’s “Dream Act” executive order prohibited enforcement of existing immigration law against millions of young illegal alien invaders. In the last few months, hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens from Central America have invaded the US, knowing that Obama won’t deport them. Obama swore to uphold the laws of the US. He has no authority to change these laws on his own or to ignore the law because America is NOT supposed to be a dictatorship.

Despite all this, the spineless milksop John Boehner continues to tell his fellow Republicans that Impeachment is off the table. Apparently, it wasn’t enough for Eric Cantor to be defeated by a Tea Party candidate in his primary. Apparently we need to get rid of John Boehner too.

Unfortunately, it’s too late to defeat Boehner in his primary, but we do have one more chance to let Boehner know what the people think of him: We can defeat Boehner in the general election.

The Republican party will likely add to its majority in the House in the November 2014 elections so we can afford to lose one especially treasonous Republican, namely Boehner.

Conservatives need to send a message that we don’t like Boehner’s gutlessness on the immigration issue and we don’t like his gutlessness on the Impeachment issue, and it’s for the best to vote Boehner out of office so that someone who actually represents conservatives will become Speaker of the House.

This is something that conservatives and Tea Party people should be able to pull off. If there’s a massive desertion of conservatives from Boehner, who vote for the Democrat candidate in the 8th Congressional district in Ohio, Boehner can be defeated.

Boehner’s opponent in 2014 is Tom Poetter. His website can be found here. Please vote for Poetter in the general election and defeat John Boehner. This is important enough that conservatives should even donate to Poetter to increase the odds of Boehner’s defeat.


We need to build a grass roots movement to get rid of Boehner. Feel free to post this article on any political websites, you know of. This is something we can and should do!

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