A Rarely Admitted Black-on-White Hate Crime?

Around Blacks Never Relax

by Jeff Davis

For every White-on-Black hate crime by some drunk redneck, there are probably more than a hundred Black-on-White hate crimes. The liberal media and liberal politicians don’t want to admit to the public that Blacks routinely beat up White children in public schools or White people who stray into Black neighborhoods.

As if this censorship isn’t bad enough, it’s made worse by liberal authorities who stubbornly refuse to prosecute Black-on-White hate crimes as hate crimes. Perhaps one in a thousand of these crimes is ever considered to be a hate crime, and then it’s still possible that some Jewish or liberal politician will step in to make sure the hate crime charge is dropped against the Black thugs.

Meanwhile, White-on-Black crimes are almost always assumed to be hate crimes and are prosecuted as such even when the crimes were merely drug deals gone bad or other random crimes that had nothing to do with race.

An interesting event is taking place in New York City. The authorities may press hate crime charges against a group of Blacks for shooting a White female jogger in the head with a pellet gun.

The New York Post reports: “A thug armed with a pellet gun fired at a jogger in Central Park late Monday and is now being sought by police.”

“The victim, 36, told police she was jogging near midnight in the far southern end of the park, on the West Drive near West 60th Street, when a pellet hit her in the back of the head. She turned and saw a group of five people — three men and two women — laughing and making anti-white statements, the police said. The suspects then fled further into the park. The woman reported the shooting by phone. An ambulance took the woman to Roosevelt Hospital, where she was treated for a laceration to her head.”

“Police on Saturday released surveillance pictures of the group. They also released a sketch of a woman they want for questioning. Everyone in the group is between 15 and 20 years old, police said.”

“The NYPD’s Hate Crime Task Force is involved in the investigation because those in the group made anti-white statements, police said.”

Do you realize how rare it is for the police to admit that White people are the victims of racially motivated crimes by Blacks?

My guess would be that the woman involved was either Jewish or an extremely wealthy and well-connected White liberal. If some run-of-the-mill ordinary White person walked up to a police station with a bloody head and complained of a racial mob attack by Blacks, any racial angle would probably be left out or would be completely ignored by the prosecutor if the Black thugs were ever identified and arrested.

Don’t get your hopes up with this case. I predict in another week or two, when no one is paying attention, all mention of any “hate crime” will be dropped from this case and the Black perps will be tried as juveniles and let off with a slap to the wrist.

Blacks complain that they are “over-prosecuted,” but the truth is the opposite. In the Trayvon Martin case, we found out that the school authorities let Martin escape three serious criminal charges, which should have landed him in jail, thanks to the liberal authorities.


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