Two Robbers Shot by Armed Citizen; Non-White Relatives of Robbers Cry Foul

Penn crime scene

by James Buchanan

For any White people, who think that the Black sympathy for Trayvon Martin was some anomaly or that Blacks were fooled by the picture of Trayvon when he was ten years old and somehow failed to hear any of the subsequent information that came out about Trayvon dealing drugs, using drugs and his wannabe gangbanger lifestyle, this story should be an eye-opener.

You see Blacks didn’t care that Trayvon was viciously beating Zimmerman for keeping an eye on him as Trayvon stared into houses in Zimmerman’s neighborhood. Blacks think that it’s OK for Black youth to beat up White people or Latinos, and they think it’s wrong if we defend ourselves in accordance with the law.

Here’s a story about two non-Whites robbing a store, and the unbelievable response by the relatives of the robbers.

A recent news article reports “A disturbing but telling story is playing out in Pennsylvania. Two men robbed a local store, but were killed by a private citizen who confronted them before they could get away. Now the families of the criminals want to sue the man who stopped a crime, because he killed their loved ones.”

“‘It’s not fair,’ said Virginia Medina, mother of 24-year-old William Medina, who police said robbed Krick’s Korner store alongside 18-year-old Robert De Carr on Monday.”

“The two men were shot and killed by a private citizen while leaving the store, and family members want to see charges pressed….”

“The two men were shot and killed by a private citizen while leaving the store, and family members want to see charges pressed.”

“‘[William] had no right to lose his life over something that man could have called the police for,’ said Medina. ‘He took the law into his own hands and walked away scot-free.'”

“How about if people just start running around here, policing the city on their own? How much worse is it going to get?” said Peter Ratel, Medina’s cousin.”

“The family members said they are hurt by comments suggesting the alleged robbers were ‘thugs.'”

The robbers WERE thugs. They pointed guns at a store owner and threatened to kill him if he didn’t give them all the money in the cash register.

“… the hero didn’t shoot them as they exited the store. He warned them to stop and wait for police and these thugs chose to instead pull their guns to shoot him. The sister of one of the men said “My brother was a good kid.” No, he wasn’t. He was the type of evil person who could terrify someone else with the idea that they might die, just so he could steal their hard earned money. He was a bad man and as harsh and mean as it sounds, his death means that the community is safer.”

An armed White citizen encountered the two armed robbers and shot them dead. Most White Americans would consider this a good thing: Two less criminals running loose. In the non-White world however, the criminals were “good boys” who were going to use the money from the robbery to pay child support. The idea that they might have gotten jobs instead of robbing stores doesn’t seem to enter their minds.


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