Black Riots Continue at Ferguson Despite Evidence Clearing Police

Autopsy Report

by Jeff Davis

The National Guard had to fire tear gas at angry Black mobs yet again over the police shooting of Michael Brown.

The claim that the shooting of Michael Brown was unjustified however continues to lose credibility every day.

First there was the convenience store video showing Michael Brown stealing a $50 box of cigars and pushing around the store clerk like the enormous bully that he was. There were screams of “unfair” from the Brown family’s attorney, but the video clearly showed an enormous Black man in a white t-shirt and with a red Cardinals cap, which matched up with the individual who assaulted the cop. This video not only establishes Brown as a violent thug and a crook, it also implies that Brown might not want to comply with any police who crossed his path that day since he had just committed a crime.

Then it was disclosed that the officer suffered injuries and had gone to the hospital.

Then a coroner reported that all six shots came from the front.

Then it was discovered that there was a recording of an eyewitness who described the incident exactly the same way that a friend of the police officer described it: Namely that Brown had doubled back and charged at the officer leading to the shooting.

Most recently, the Drudge Report put up a link from a reporter who says “More than dozen witnesses confirm Ferguson cop’s version of shooting.

This should make White people wonder why the Blacks are rioting.

Are the Blacks of such low intelligence that they can’t absorb new information that would change their opinion about an incident that originally looked bad, but which was the complete opposite? In the Trayvon Martin case, the Blacks never seemed to acknowledge that Trayvon was a thug, who violently assaulted George Zimmerman, which justified his being shot. Most Blacks probably still don’t know that Trayvon was caught with a bag full of jewelry at his school that was tied to a burglary about a half mile from his high school. Zimmerman believed that Trayvon was looking into backyards and windows –casing homes in the area for future burglaries.

The Blacks in Ferguson don’t seem to care that Michael Brown was a violent thug, who liked to take other people’s stuff. I guess that’s considered “normal” behavior for Black youth.

The Blacks taking to the streets, think it was “wrong” that the White police officer shot Brown dead for assaulting the officer and bruising the side of his face, trying to take his gun away and then charging back to assault him again.

Eric Holder is apparently unhappy that the first autopsy showed that all six shots came from the front. A second autopsy was performed, and now a third autopsy has been ordered.

A CNN article reports “An independent autopsy into the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, provides ‘ample, evidence to support the arrest of the police officer who shot him, family attorney Daryl Parks said Monday at a news conference.”

No it doesn’t. These Black activist lawyers have a knack for saying the complete opposite of the truth.

The article continues “Parks was particularly concerned about gunshots that medical examiners hired by the family indicate came from behind and above. ‘Why would he be shot in the very top of his head, a 6 foot-four man?’ Crump asked. ‘Makes no sense.'”

Ben Crump is the race-baiter whom we can thank for helping to blow the Trayvon Martin case into a national disaster. A New York Times article reporting on the autopsy notes “Mr. Brown, 18, was also shot four times in the right arm, he said, adding that all the bullets were fired into his front.”

And yes it does make sense that Brown could have been shot in the top of his head. If Brown had his head down and was charging at the officer like a football player, that could easily explain how that happened.

The CNN article goes on “Meanwhile, things in Ferguson have gotten so unruly that Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon has called National Guard troops to the St. Louis suburb.”

I’d call burning down buildings and mass looting a bit “unruly,” yes.

“Gunfire, tear gas and Molotov cocktails Sunday night marked some of the fiercest clashes yet between police and protesters furious about the death of an unarmed teenager.”

Actually, most of the rioters probably couldn’t care less about Michael Brown. They’re just looking for an excuse to burn, loot and take some pot shots at White police officers.

Another reason for Black discontent is disappointment in Obama. After five and a half years of having his brown butt in the Oval Office, life is just as hopeless and poor for Blacks as it was before he was elected.


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