The Brown Coast

African in leopard skin

by Jeff Davis

If you listen to the liberal media, you’d think that White nations produced most of the pollution in the world. The truth however is that backward Third World nations have so badly over-populated their nations that endangered species are being poached for food and raw sewage is being dumped into international waters.

An article from reports: “Fredrik Sunesson had high hopes when the first tanker truck unloaded feces from some of Accra’s 4 million residents at his recycling plant in Ghana’s capital. Seventeen months later, those expectations have been dashed.”

“A combination of red tape and disputes over payments mean Sunesson’s Slamson Ghana Ltd. is running far below capacity, he says.”

“Most of the 140 tankers dump the contents of Accra’s toilets each day into the Gulf of Guinea at a foul-smelling dune [sardonically] known as Lavender Hill. The lagoon nearby is so polluted that scientists say most life-forms can’t survive.”

“Despite a series of infrastructure projects backed by foreign donors, Accra doesn’t have a working sewer system, leaving most of its citizens to choose between communal latrines or defecating on open ground.”

That sounds like Africa to me.

“(The waste is) contaminating the city’s groundwater and almost 700 people have contracted cholera since June. The failure to maintain existing treatment plants has rendered them unusable, while a lack of political will means there’s little prospect of any immediate improvement.”

Now, let’s think about that for a minute. How does any people lose the “political will” to keep excrement out of the streets and to keep their water supply clean?

“Accra’s problems are an example of how external investment and good intentions often aren’t enough to make a difference in Africa. As many as seven out of 10 people in sub-Saharan Africa have no access to flush or chemical toilets or latrines, according to the World Bank.”

Remember that our political leaders tell us that all races are equal and that we should keep our borders open to the Third World so we can let in people from Ghana, who couldn’t even build a sewage system to prevent cholera outbreaks.


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