Which Is Worse: Fall Out from Impeaching Obama or 6 Million Amnestied Illegals Voting?

Obama smoking

by James Buchanan

In a recent news article conservative pundit Charles Krauthammer admits “the rumored White House order granting amnesty to as many as 6 million illegal immigrants ‘would be an impeachable offense.’”

Unfortunately, Krauthammer then jumps on the “do nothing” bandwagon claiming that an Impeachment of Obama before the November election will result in a backlash of Obama supporters rushing to the polls to elect Democrats to try to save Obama.

Now wait a second. Obama is talking about giving an Amnesty by Executive Order to five or six million illegal aliens this summer. That means they will be able to VOTE in November. Now which is worse, an alleged backlash by Obama voters over an Impeachment of Obama or six million very real new votes, which will go almost exclusively to the Democrat Party??

An Impeachment will call into question the legality of any Executive Order Amnesty by Obama, and tie up the granting of citizenship in the courts, at least until the Impeachment is over. An Impeachment should be done for the “Dream Act” partial Amnesty, the Benghazi disaster, the IRS scandal and the Fast and Furious scandal even if Obama backs down on this latest Amnesty. Congress is required to remove a president guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors by the Constitution; it isn’t just “an option.”

Krauthammer also completely ignores the possibility that the Republicans acting decisively for just once in the last 25 years may inspire people to rush to the polls to vote for them. Since Ronald Reagan, we’ve had one weakling compromiser after another running for president, not to mention cowardly or duplicitous “leadership” in the House and Senate.

The voters just showed Congress what they think of the GOP’s compromise position on Amnesty by defeating House leader Eric Cantor in his primary and replacing him with a Tea Party candidate. Immigration is a much bigger issue to American voters than Obama’s legacy or anything else going on today. If Republicans come out loud and clear against an Amnesty and if they are willing to Impeach Obama over this, they will be sending a clear message to voters (for once). Instead, we have a cabal of compromisers and weaklings who are shaking in their boots too afraid to do their jobs and Impeach Obama for his many acts of treason. These compromisers tell us to “Just wait until after the election.” Yeah right, then they’ll fail to do anything then either and six million illegal aliens will have become voters. Impeaching Obama is not only the right thing to do, it’s required by the Constitution and it would be the best thing to do for the Republican party. The voters want representatives, who have a backbone and who don’t refrain from action because they’re too afraid to do anything decisive.

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