To Impeach or not Impeach

Obama smoking

by James Buchanan

The latest argument regarding Impeachment concerns whether it will help the Democrats more than the Republicans. For the last six years, gutless wonders in the Republican Party have been shaking in their boots terrified that the mainstream press will call them “racist” if they dare go after Obama for any of his endless abuses of power.

The latest “wisdom” from the likes of Boehner claims that the Democrats want Republicans to Impeach Obama before the election to gain sympathy, donations and a bigger turn out for the November elections. The great flaw in this line of reasoning is that it assumes that the Republicans will not gain any increase in sympathy, donations and votes if they -for once- show a backbone and finally punish Obama for failing to enforce immigration law.

A recent poll notes “One third of Americans think President Barack Obama should be impeached, a new poll says. According to a CNN/ORC International poll released Friday, 33 percent of Americans think the president should be impeached and removed from office, compared with 65 percent who say they don’t support impeachment. Fifty-seven percent of Republicans say they support impeaching Obama, compared with just 35 percent of independent voters and 13 percent of Democrats.”

If one-third of Americans think Obama should be Impeached, he should be Impeached. Only about a third of the population are paying attention to politics at any time, and the mainstream media has been doing everything it can to downplay Obama’s crimes and violations of the Constitution.

The Republicans should not let themselves be intimidated by this poll. First of all, it’s a CNN poll so there was probably a good effort put into mitigating the anti-Obama sentiment. Instead of being discouraged, Republicans should look at this poll as a very good starting point. If one third of Americans think Obama deserves to be Impeached despite all the misinformation, slight of hand and fawning support from Hollywood, imagine how many will support Impeachment after a trial uncovers all the dirty little secrets surrounding the Benghazi disaster, the IRS scandal, Fast and Furious, the Bergdahl-Taliban prisoner swap and Obama’s deliberate undermining of the Border Patrol for the last five and a half years.

The truth of the matter is that Obama has been getting a pass from the Republicans for the last five and half years because of his skin color. Republicans have been tip-toeing around the issues instead of screaming from the roof tops. It’s long overdue that Republicans ignore the fact that Obama is half-Kenyan and Impeach him for his many criminal actions and violations of the Constitution. To do anything less is to neglect their duty as sworn Congressmen, who have pledged to uphold the Constitution, which includes the task of Impeaching a corrupt president and removing him from office.

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